Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Another Consultation From TfL And The Mayor Caught Out Telling Lies ... By Jm Thomas

Last year's consultation, informed us that TFL would be reducing buses on Oxford Street by 40%. Now, in their infinite wisdom, they are actually considering banning Taxis -and believe it or not, cycles- completely, in a bid to improve air quality and pedestrian over-crowding.

You don't need the brain of Albert Einstein to realise that by doing so, they will be creating absolute gridlock in the surrounding areas. 

The move will force through traffic onto residential streets such as Wigmore St, Mortimer Street and New Cavendish Street. 

Regent Street, already congested for most of the day, will see an massive rise in usage, as will Grosvenor Street, Conduit Street and Berkeley Square. 

Problems along oxfords street are not caused by Taxis or cycles, they are caused by the excessive numbers of buses, empty for most of the day. The current NO VEHICLES except Buses and Taxis rule has never been strictly enforced. 

As the London Taxi is the only passenger transport vehicle which is fully wheelchair accessible, to ban Taxis from Oxford Street is like saying to disabled passengers, find somewhere else to shop!

This is the second in a series of consultations, the first being in November 2016 which ended in January 2017. In that consultation, we were Informed buses would be reduced by 40% with all traffic to be banned by Mayor Khan later in 2020.

Lies, damn lies...and TfL's statistics.
You couldn't make this stuff up, wait a minute... they have!

There has been little to no growth in Taxis, this is TfL misleading the public...yet again.

The growth in private hire vehicles has come from the Mayor's alleged reluctance to ask the transport secretary Chris Grayling for a cap on the granting of  private hire licenses. 


TFL's 2nd consultation is now opened.
Please click on the link below and take 5 minutes to fill in the consultation form and help stop this utter madness.

Just updating my Google Maps for the geniuses at TFL and the City of Westminster 

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