Friday, April 21, 2017

An Urgent Call For A Public Inquiry Into TfL :


On Friday 6th January 2017, a meeting took place with the Prime Minister Theresa May, asking for a public inquiry into Transport for London (TfL). With the help of the Taxi trade organisations, Mrs May was handed documents to back up the London Taxi drivers request.

As London Taxi drivers, we need to put pressure on the Prime Minister to grant a full public inquiry into TfL. You can help by completing a short form to send this pre-written and personalised email to your local MP. This has been written from your perspective as a London Taxi driver on how you have been affected by the governments and TfL's malfeasance.

In addition to this, we would highly recommend you request a visit to their constituents surgery to personally ask for assistance.

Please insert your Post Code below to help us find your local Constituency and MP.

Click on link below

We will never forget what this bunch have done to our trade.

You can leave to be a bailiff, you can leave to play with trains  

You can leave to be a cowboy, but we'll bring you back again 

The road we're on looks longer, the road we're on looks hard.

We'll take corruption head on, when you play in our back yard.

That ones for you Rett. 

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