Saturday, March 25, 2017

Uber's House Of Cards ... About To Crumble ?

In the wake of the news that a QC from the Devereux Chambers, is suing Uber to make it pay VAT, we find today that a nation newspaper (Daily Mail) has done a major expose' on the corruption behind the licensing of this toxic company. 

The questions now need to be asked: 
• How far into TfL's management has this corruption penetrated ?
• Can we get these people in a court of law to answer for malfeasance ?
• Who will be the next rat to jump ship?

Jim Thomas. 

So it's in the open, the colluding between our government and the tax avoiding predators from the U.S or is it Ireland, Holland or Bermuda?

No matter, our time had come, it's time for a council of war of the trade orgs.

Ego and who said what to whom (that includes me) to be set aside for all our sakes.

The leaders either step up or be forced to step away, there is no time to lose.

Non violent direct action with everything on the table, these people set out to destroy us, deny the public purse it's due and therefore underfund our beloved NHS and emergency services.

We missed the boat at the Olympics but now the tide is on the ebb for those who sought our doom.

Support the Good Law funding on the VAT Matter.

We must put Khan, Shawcross, Sweeting, Cameron, Osborne and all the others on the spot and likely some in the witness box.

The Prime Minister now has to make good on her words to protect hard working working people.

Public enquiry, Police Enquiries, HMRC enquiries let's have the lot.

Let us have the transport Select Committee and the Commissioner for standards all on the case.

These people have powerful friends, they will need them now.

First up must be the suspension of Leon Daniels on Monday.


I'm Spartacus


The Mail report about Cameron, Osborne and their improper lobbying on behalf of Uber is a great start to exposing the improper actions that have taken place.

I have been sending this information to journalists and reporters for a number of years on a regular basis, so its great that Guy Adams has now reported this.

There needs to be some proactive follow up to make sure that the full extent of the situation involving Transport for London is exposed.

There is further evidence to be reported .

It will help if Taxi Drivers send this article to their MPs and London Assembly Members asking for an urgent Public Inquiry.

This article helps to confirm that there are serious questions that need to be answered.

The ongoing circumstances of sexual assaults, rapes and accidents on a daily basis, dire congestion and air pollution killing thousands of people means that the criteria for a Public Inquiry are fully met.

Please share this article, sign the petition and contact your MP and Assembly member


Dave Davies. 

Have the wheels come off Ubers dream of replacing the world's Taxi and Private Hire Trades with driverless cars ?


Anonymous said...

Im surprised and outraged that the LCDC are claiming credit for the Mail exposure when it was NOT them that led to this exposure.

I have been in direct contact with the Mail since 2012 when information was provided and articles were written and not published.

Ive sent Taxileaks copies of the emails proving the article came about from the information I sent and the constant requests to the Daily Mail to expose this.

I provided the updated info for this exposure over the last couple of months and sent details about the LCDC who were contacted THIS WEEK by Guy Adams the reporter!

Outrageous for an org /Grant Davis to try and take credit for something they have not done to try and recruit new paying members

Dave Davies

Greedy Gideon said...

Retirement to be put on hold my boy, this is the big one!

Anonymous said...

Every single driver should now know the full story about osborne / johnson / TFL/ Uber.

There can be no excuses.

Unless there is direct action immediately the exposure will be wasted.
There needs to be daily flash demos calling for an urgent Public Inquiry

Anonymous said...

NOThe BBC are being over looked here - didn't the BBC churn out a prime time prpaganda story that there was a slur campaign against Uber by London cabbies using the #ubered?

Thank God, Guy Adams and the Daily Mail. My next step will be to donate money to fund the Jo Maugham QC VAT case.


Anonymous said...

Dave, I hate to tell you I told you so; but I did tell you so.

If you lay with dogs, don't be surprised whe you catch fleas!

The Salina Scott fan club

Anonymous said...

This story has been all over Facebook and Twitter, all day everyone sharing
And you still make it interesting Jim.
Taxi Leaks is truly a Credit to the trade

Anonymous said...

Time to leave egos behind? And the first comment starts slagging LCDC. who cares who got the article in the paper it's there and we should all help the momentum to push onn

Anonymous said...

Anon 7.58 PM
You have no idea about the mountain of work Dave Davies has put in for years. The DEFRA report, the corrupt Emissions Strategy are two. The de -selection of Tim Yeo MP and his corrupt involvement as a director of Eco City Vehicles and Yeo's strategy that Johnson adopted that has scrapped 10,000 taxis to date. If the Lcdc are stealing his thunder, he has a right to complain... Remind me what you have done for the trade?

The Selina Scott fan club