Thursday, March 16, 2017

Tony Casey Gives Advice On Badge And Bill Checks In Letter To Taxi Leaks

Never show your badge/bill to any compliance officer who says he is from Transport for London, showing you only their deputy badge -which are available on ebay almost the same for less than a fiver including a leather wallet.

Don't be intimidated:
EVERY compliance officer has a warrant type card, the same type as carried by all policeman.

ASK to see it clearly and use your phone to make a clear photo of it, the full name of the TFL staff member,only then comply with their request but never sign anything.

If possibly -remembering to switch off your engine first- film the whole compliance check on your phone for your own reference. The law allows this.

Remember eighteen months ago, the Head of the compliance training team made a false complaint to the City Police at the Sugar Quay (Shine Charity walk event ) saying that I'd been drinking.
I am teetotal and stopped drinking over 40 years ago.

His boss Garret Emmerson had to apologise in writing to me after a letter was sent from Grant Davis of the LCDC on my behalf making an official complaint. 

Tony Casey

Editorial Comment :
Don't forget, if you're asked to sign a blank screen on their PDA after being Badge and Billed, don't!

It's just for their performance figures, so they can say what a great job they are doing and how much we appreciate it.

From my own experience of confrontation with COs, asking them why they are concerntrating on Taxis and ignoring PH, they all have given the same answer "That's what we've been told to do".

It's clear by their statements theyve been ordered to turn a blind eye to PH touting. They concentrate on harassing Licensed Taxi drivers simply because that's what they've been told TL do by senior staff. 

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The olden said...

How has it come to this, we are not criminals, we are working people going about our legitimate business. We have gone through rigorous assessment to gain our licences and have been deemed 'Right and proper
The intimidation that driver's now endure on a daily basis, is appalling, no other section of society would tolerate this. It's obvious that we have few friends out there that are prepared to assist us in our battle to right this momentous wrong. We now have only one option,stand together shoulder to shoulder, unite and fight this oppression to its conclusion.

Anonymous said...

Back in 2014 I was stopped on the rank my licence was being up dated so I couldn't produce,the Pico checked and said it was fine,,no more heard,
2015,identifier stolen and new ones ordered,,stopped on the rank pco checked by mobilize no problem,,2016 stopped on way home,police and pco badge n Bill stop site,,I had finished work light was off money and badge put in my bag after filling up with diesel moments prior,,Pco said no problem off I went,,2017 letter from the pco saying they were gonna take my badge and revoke my licence for the above incidents,,I contacted them and mention these were three years apart and prior to that I had never a blemish after 13years driving a cab,,they replied,,THis is your final warning any future incidents we you will lose your license,,,
It's a out rage,bully tactics and a dictatorship.