Wednesday, March 15, 2017

The Three Card Trick...English, My English... By Lenny Etheridge.

Who cares about the Language Test?
Why would I possibly care if a two-bit outfit can communicate with its unprincipled punters?
You pay peanuts, you get monkeys talking jibberish.

Who cares about the 'advanced' Driving Test?
All that is needed, to make London's roads safer, is a proper pass of the DVLA test.
What London needs, and the Motor Insurance Bureau is surely crying out for, is a British Standard of driving.
This dangerous, yet common practice of trading in a foreign, and often inferior, driving licence for a UK license, must cease immediately.
Surely the very least HM Government, the Mayor of London and Transport for London should be demanding is a consistent standard of driving in the UK.

The Language Tests and the Driving Tests will turn into farce, just like the infamous Medical Tests, and the dubious DBS checks.
Drivers' Medical Tests are of greater importance, and look what has happened to those.
The DBS is of greater importance, and look what has happened to those.

The fact that London may have dangerous, unhealthy Private Hire drivers ferrying children and vulnerable passengers around our once great city, seems of no concern to HM Government, the Mayor of London or Transport for London. For there has been no recall of drivers or insistence upon drivers to retake their medicals, after the 'Medicals for Sale' scam hit the headlines.
I wonder how many of those, all too frequent, PH crashes in London have been caused by an unhealthy or sick driver?

As for DBS checks, Brian Rix could not have written the script more farcical; letters of good conduct from strangers, to strangers, about strangers. No wonder we have strangers driving minicabs.
London needs proper background checks of at least 5 years UKresidency. I am sure Mayor Sadiq Khan empty-promised as much.
These strangers are in a car alone with children and vulnerable people, for crying out loud!

Londoners and the media are being blinded by poxy English tests and penny ha'penny driving tests; all of which will come out of the drivers' pockets, not their employers.
Yet these Mickey Mouse tests will help legitimise toxic work models like Uber. The public will be fed crap about advanced driving tests and high standards of communication.
While nothing is being done about dangerous strangers driving minicabs around the dark streets of London, and beyond.

                           KEEP LONDON SAFE!

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Anonymous said...

All I know is I'm driving around empty or sitting on a rank for ages and they always seem to have a job in the back. Do the public care?