Sunday, March 26, 2017

TfL's Nightmare Continues... Court Says TfL Owe Taxi Drivers A Small Fortune ? .. By Jim Thomas

We don't have the full details so far and it's still to be confirmed, but our attention has been drawn to a series of Tweets made by a driver who alleges he's taken TfL to court and won. 

H tweets say so far, TfL have offered no defence. 
If this information is correct as we believe may be, this court decision could cost TfL a small fortune as it affects every single one of the 25,000 licensed  taxi drivers, who've complied with the new CC sticker regulations. 

Taxi driver Jamie Hawes has tweeted that he has taken TfL to court asking for payment from for using his taxi as a free advertising hoarding for credit card companies. 

Jamie believes TfL should pay him £18 a day for the adverts they have forced him to put in his vehicle ..... and allegedly, the court has agreed.

He has also asked for his licence fee to be refunded, in light of the fact that TFL board member Ron Kalifa -via worldpay benefits club- has favoured uber over black cabs, a clear breach of contract. 
This judgement means that TfL may have to refund every drivers licence fees. 

Surely Mr Kalifa should be asked to resign over this conflic of contract?

Read previous post from Jamie Hawes 

This obviously begs the question, why none of our representative orgs/ Unions have taken on TfL over these issues in a class action on behalf of their members?

So Mr McNamara, it's obviously not a done deal after all... 

This could also get much worse for TfL. If an inquiry finds malfeasance from its directors, compensation could also be due for loss of earnings. 

Good news stories about TfL are just like their buses. You wait ages for one, then three come along together... 

Up till today (26/03/17... 146 days at £18) I make that £2,628 TfL owe me, for advertising their third party stakeholders. 

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