Wednesday, March 29, 2017

TfL Board Meeting, 29th March 2017....They Still Ain't Listening

The TfL board meeting today was attended by Leon Daniels and Peter Blake.
Item 13 on the agenda, review of taxi fares. No details discussed but Peter Blake said black cabs offer better value for daytime and short trips.... not so much for evening and longer trips.

Ben Story mentioned the recent media coverage only in as far of the cost of new electric cabs and asked if the taxi review was taking the added 'cost plus' into account. 

Blake said "not as this stage".
When asked how black cabs can compete against technology and Uber Blake said "TFL set the MAX fare to the meter and they are looking at ways for Taxis to offer fixed fares and prebooked cheaper fare".  

He went on to say the fare review hadn't taken into account the cost of the electric cab as part of their review, but over the next 12 months they will be looking at reducing operating costs against the capital cost of the vehicle. 

Not one word about the scandal concerning the illegal licensing of Uber, the Jamie Hawes court judgement, or the VAT crowdfunding case in the papers this week, they've  just ignored all this.  

They're not listening to us

Source Jackie Ryder 

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