Friday, March 10, 2017

Support Sean Stocking : Watch This Space

Even the UPHD's union have said they will support Sean, but as of yet, no word from our largest trade org the LTDA or the RMT. 


Anonymous said...

How much more can they get away with this is a joke it's a miss use of power and TFL needs to be investigated it seems freedom of speech is not aloud at TFL Just remember mr Daniels EVERY ONE HAS A PRICE FOR INFORMATION be lucky

Anonymous said...

Lets hope that this show of TFL'S own arrogance is the thing that triggers solidarity in the trade and brings TFL's downfall.

Anonymous said...

When I was grassed up and Mason tried to revoke my license, Bob Crow stepped in and gave me access to his personal Barrister, Alice Jerrett. She wiped the floor with Mason and the flunkies that grassed me.

What Sean needs is a barrister called Alice Jarrett, the Lcdc and Paytons'solicitors don't cut the mustard. FULL STOP!

Mark Thomas, Ex LCDC Committee member.

Anonymous said...

I'll just run this past you and feel free to point out any blatantly obvious problems I have failed to see, apart from that of numerous apathetic taxi drivers. I am well aware of that one already.

After reading the first comment above, and having stated previously we need to get creative, how about starting a fund raiser where the money pledged goes to any whistle-blower who provides evidence of corruption that brings down (let's call them) suspect A or a co-conspirator?

I know it is a real hassle to part with your money to save YOUR job, and YOUR future income, along with paying off YOUR debts, but I have a plan. Next time you stop to spend a penny, reach down the side of your seat, and behind that 1993 street map in the burst net etc. I'll bet you can find at least a couple of quid. I estimate that would be an easy £50,000 up for grabs to anyone who wants a year or two off to go travelling for example (you know who you are).

Let's take it a step further. A whole one off payment of a tenner to save YOUR job, home, family, lifestyle, holidays, nights out, beer fund, and ability to walk around with your head held high. I know parting with a whole tenner is probably a bridge too far for many, but a £1/4 million payout would tempt almost anyone. I reckon even suspect A's family would be fighting each other to get to the phone first (inherited loyalty traits and all that), never mind someone on a minimum wage with a temporary contract. Remember, you would only have to actually part with your cash if someone came forward with the required information.

Go ahead and shoot me down now, or post your own suggestions (remembering these forums are monitored).

Anonymous said...

Wasn't we gonna get rid of leon the liar by way of petition? He didnt need a petition he just dipped a ginger snap in a cuppa and decided to play god with Sean's livelyhood. Freedom of speech is forbidden under tfl, it can only be done secretly in emails to oversea investors on how to cirvumnavigate the law.

Anonymous said...

Why would the LTDA support this action.It was Steve Mac who gave Leon Daniels the

details of the driver who entered the restaurant.

What does Peter Blake think he will achieve from this..

Answer a one way 2nd class ticket home to Worcester.