Saturday, March 25, 2017

Major Security Breaches Being Ignored At Europe's Busiest Rail Terminal... By Jim Thomas

    Locked gates, armed police....too late?

Terror came to the streets of London again this week. Although the actions of this madman Khalid Masood were heinous, it is felt by many in our trade that it could have been so much worse.

It's something we've been warning about, and it's obvious that no ones listening to us.

The trade has been warning TfL, Camden council, the Mayor, the Government, the Met Police and homeland security services, there is a major security problem, at one of the Europe's busiest termini -EuroStar St Pancras.

Vehicles, mainly Private Hire cars, are being allowed to park up and wait in bays which are predominately designated for the dropping off of passengers arriving at the station.
Vehicles are then required to vacate the bay's within 2 minutes after drop off. 

         Rest in peace PC Keith Palmer

But private hire cars are flouting these rules and are sitting there, waiting to be given another job through their app, and in extreme cases, being approached by prospective customers (touting). 

Camden Traffic Wardens and TfL COs are a rare sight and cars have been seen sitting, waiting for hours on end. 

Back in April 2016, the driver led Taxi groups.... Dads Defending Daughters, Mayfair Mob and the Independent Taxi Alliance, supported by ordinary rank and file drivers, held a series of 5 flash demos bringing the area to a complete halt. 

This action was activated in order to bring the issue of non-compliance to the notice of the authorities who's job it is to police the area and protect the public. 

After the action, meetings took place and assurances were made by Camden Council who gave assurances, the bay's would be kept clear. 

It's now clear that The local council, TfL and the Police can't be trusted to keep their word.The extra enforcement dissipated almost immediately. 

After months of consultation with the authorities, it was felt our case needed to be spotlighted again and so a follow up flash demo, took place on the 16th of this month.

Unfortunately the powers that be do not seem to be listening to or sharing our fears. 
If this situation is allowed to continue, it's only a matter of time before we are faced with major terrorist attack at this location. 

Surely, prevention is better than we have to wait till we are picking up body parts before they listen.

Although Wednesday's attack was truely horrendous, how much worst would it have been without the concrete blocks, security cameras and the quick reaction of armed police. 

Let's remind ourselves of our government priorities:
Firstly, when parliament debated police officer safety....

 Secondly, let's look at MPs debating their pay rise...

Below is London Taxi Radio's Sean Paul Day, interviewing drivers at last week's  St Pancras Demo :


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