Thursday, March 16, 2017

Open Letter To TfL's Director Of Service Operations Peter Blake, In Regards To The Sean Stockings Affaire.

Taxi Leaks has received an open letter to TfL's Director of Service Operations Peter Blake, in regards to the Sean Stockings revocation. 

The letter comes from a long standing correspondent who feels that in the light of what has happened to Mr Stocking for airing a grievance in public, his letter should be published anonymously. 

As the author is known to us, we have agreed to his terms of publication. 

 Dear Mr Blake

I refer to your letter dated 3rd March to Sean Stockings which does not appear to contain a rider 'private and confidential' and has thus been reprinted in the March edition of 'The Badge'. This response takes the form of an open reply and will no doubt find it's way to you in due course

You list numerous misdemeanours by Mr Stockings relating to an incident in a restaurant and you conclude that these constitute justification for the revocation of his taxi drivers licence however you fail to mention or seemingly take into account the degree of contributory provocation on the part Leon Daniels the recipient of Sean's verbal abuse.

Daniels is well known to the taxi trade as a principle architect of the Uber scandal and has become a focus of attention to the taxi trade impoverished by the back door deregulation so aggressively pursued by him and others at TfLTPH.

The extent to which TfLTPH have so alienated the body of drivers it is charged with regulating is without precedent in the writer's near 40 years experience of driving a cab in London.

Indeed it is hard to imagine any parallels to a situation in which a regulator has so completely proved to be not 'a safe pair of hands', TfLTPH appear remote, out of touch and in complete denial of the severity of the crisis they have created in the taxi trade and the hubris that now surrounds virtually every utterance from Palestra has reached a megalomania of 'Trumpian' proportions

The long standing 'quid pro quo' whereby candidates acquiring a satisfactory standard of knowledge are granted in return the sole right to ply for hire has been so completely undermined by TfLTPH's licensing of Uber that the only word that adequately describes the mood of the taxi trade is BETRAYAL.

I feel betrayed, Sean Stockings feels betrayed - we all feel betrayed by having to daily and hourly witness members of the public waving at cars in front of us to gain the attention of drivers who have sent their registration details using mobile phones whilst on the move which is itself most likely illegal and a topic for another conversation.

We are all very angry at this blatant 'plying for hire' for that surely is what it is - forget the weasel words, smoke and mirrors obfuscation and lame legalistic  justifications about 'bookings' - you have deliberately licensed 100,000 plus inadequates to do our jobs for us.

Far from being the villain of the piece Stockings should be commended for acting with considerable restraint, he was simply venting a frustration that all cab drivers presently feel and did not use foul language nor offer Daniels physical threats as indeed one can imagine more radical temperaments might have done, Leon should count himself lucky that he did not end up with a bowl of Vichyssoise on his head,

No taxi driver should be treated in such a cavalier manner by a kangaroo court bent on victimisation - a warning maybe or suspension for airing grievances in public is the maximum sanction Sean should have to endure - revocation is the term that should now be applied to TfLTPH's tenure as the malignant despots they have become.

Yours reluctantly


Now listen to the ease at which Nick Ferrari points out the woeful inadequacies of TfL's Director of Service Operations Peter Blake, as regulator of the Private hire industry in London.  


As Mr Farrari was airing LBC's grievance against TfL in public, will Peter Black now call for their broadcasting licence to be revoked...? 


Anonymous said...

My god is this the person we have in charge,everyone avoiding congestion charge,the general public left to the wolves,i xan hear between the lines (CORRUPTION).

Anonymous said...

Mr Ferrari was brilliant - what an idiot that blake made of himself and he just couldn't give a damn

The olden said...

The question we must ask ourselves is WHY! Every incident,initiative and decision that erodes our legal right to ply for hire is being rubber stamped by the powers to be, WHY!
A driver takes images of a citizen in a public place,an action that is replicated daily throughout London without repercussions,this individual, however looses his livelihood. WHY!
A driver gets 6 points on his licence using a phone, although stationary and legally plying for hire on a rank, meanwhile opposite on ubers illegal rank the drivers wait for work facilitated via their mobile phones WHY!
To most of us the WHY'S are obvious

colin said...

Mother say's never trust a man with a beard there trying to hide something,i'll have to listen to her more??