Thursday, March 02, 2017

Update : Minicab Driver First To Be Caught In Birmingham, Meanwhile In London !!!

Minicab driver caught using mobile phone is one of first to receive six points under new law

A minicab driver caught using his mobile phone behind the wheel is one of the first to receive six points on his licence after a new stricter law came into force on Wednesday.

Central Motorway Police Group tweeted they had stopped a private hire driver in Birmingham city centre.

CMPG tweeted: “Birmingham city centre. Private hire driver stopped using his mobile phone whilst driving. #DontStreamAndDrive #noexcuses #6points”

They said: “The 1st day of new legislation for using mobile phone when driving 9 tickets issued to motorists #no excuse.”

  Picture tweeted from the police to show how busy this crossing is. 

Meanwhile in London at Kings Cross, surrounded by private hire vehicles illegally plying for hire, using their phones to accept job offers and setting SatNavs coordinates, our brace impartial (not) Traffic Cops dish out a £200 fine and 6 penalty points to a driver on the feeder rank at Kings Cross campaign.

Funny though, it's just been on the news that police are so short of man power, they can't investigate serious crimes and many projects have had to be shelved. 
But they can always fine Officers to nick a cabby. 


Anonymous said...

Yeah well, can't say this wasn't expected. That warranted a stern warning... A good copper would have done this - the ticket was issued by a jobsworth in a costume; not a police officer in uniform, the word prick comes to mind! Talk about shooting fish in a barrel.

Anonymous said...

In the absence of TfL refusing to make a statement on the subject of mobile phone use in LPH and taxi vehicles (as stated on Taxi Leaks), perhaps drivers could write to their MP asking him/her to ask TfL for a ‘clarification’ in respect of the legality of LPH vehicles using mobile phones to accept bookings.

It TfL are refusing to make a statement to the trade they are under a legal duty to administer, let’s see if TfL will refuse to make a statement or clarify the TfL position in respect of this law, to a Member of Parliament.

As Uber drivers, and many other LPH drivers, have no other way of accepting bookings, other than touching/handling their mobile phones, it must surely be the case that they could be serial offenders when taking bookings on their mobile phones, contrary to the law covering this, and due to its extremely dangerous practice, necessitating the fines and penalty points Parliament has decided must be doubled. Where is the public safety in this situation?

It is time that TfL stopped condoning a breach of this law and making the situation clear. Are LPH, and particularly Uber drivers because of their method of operation, breaking the law by using their mobile phones for accepting hirings, in spite of the devices being, one supposes, ‘approved’ by TfL?

What is it that TfL cannot bring themselves to clarify? If Uber drivers, taxi drivers and other LPH drivers are acting unlawfully, then it is incumbent on TfL to enforce the law and protect the public. Silence, from TfL is NOT an answer and they cannot avoid this issue – that’s what they are there for.

An open, honest, truthful and definitive answer from the Licensing Authority, even if it does cause them considerable embarrassment, must be given in the public interest – and without any further prevarication.

Rob said...

Sir,isn't this surely the epoch moment the trade has waited so long for? The modus operandi of uber is now totally at odds with the law. Plastered over the back of every bus is a TfL advert stating the dangers of looking at a mobile phone_ ''one look is it worth it'. The way the Uber driver has to operate is totally at odds with the law, it is grossly flawed. Not only when accepting the job,but at an inphinite number of points along the route where he/she will interact with the damn thing. If this is allowed to pass then I believe we may as well accept that nothing, nothing will ever derail this godforsaken blight that insidiously infects every corner of the capital and far beyond. It's a strange world we live in. When you know something just doesn't make sense,is in breach of the law on many points from an operator,licensing authority and driver level and is yet given the green light.

Unknown said...

Ok the law has not changed just the fines are higher...on our app you are parked when you accept job and parked when you set down to get paid could if the law wanted be charged for using you meter whilst moving it's not just mobile it any distraction while driving even eating

For get uber and look after yourself

Anonymous said...

Quite simple all taxi drivers should refuse to use credit card machine until TFL clarify the legal implications of usage be sure they will not back you if you are issued with fine....simply put is it or isn't it legal.. they have made it a compulsory device so they need to clarify legality ??

Anonymous said...

the current Cabvision CC device has to be taken out of its cradle to use & is then, HAND-HELD

HAND-HELD devices can NOT be used