Thursday, March 23, 2017

London's Cabbies, London's Finest, London's 4th Emergency Service.

The 22 of March will be forever etched in our memory, as the day that saw a police officer and 3 members of the public killed in a terrorist attack on the streets of London.

We pray now for the speedy recovery of the reported 40 injured people on the bridge, mowed down by a terrorist bent in causing as much death and destruction as possible.

On this day, we also saw the NHS staff, paramedics, firefighters and our Police at there very best.

We must hope now that the MP's who are allowing the NHS  firefighters and police cuts think again..

Again on this day, we saw Londons  4th emergency service set up to the mark silently play their part by running people away from the horrors for scene to places of safety, without a second thought and without charge.

These drivers won't get thanks from TfL the GLA or the Mayor, but the 
people they helped today will always remember.

Each and everyone of you wonderful cabbies, Londons finest, should be proud you didn't run away, you turned and run to help.... it's what we do.

Below is a clip from the Ian Collins show in LBC, listen as Carly thanks the driver who got them away from the carnage. But listen what this driver did at the end of the journey. 

  With thanks to Marc Turner, Linda Morris, Artemise Mercer, Mac The Cab and London Taxi Radio

What they said on Twitter and Social Media :

Westminster terror attack: Latest Update 
Fourth victim dies in hospital

Police have confirmed a 75-year-old man has died in hospital after his life support machine was switched off on Thursday evening.

Earlier, the man believed to be responsible for the attack was named as 52-year-old Khalid Masood.

Police said Masood was not the subject of any current investigations and there was "no prior intelligence about his intent to mount a terrorist attack."

Masood, who was born in Kent, was known to police and had a range of previous convictions for assaults, including GBH

He was also known by a number of aliases, the Metropolitan Police said.

Armed with two large knives, Masood mowed down pedestrians with his car on Westminster Bridge on Wednesday afternoon

He was shot dead moments later by another officer

The first three victims have been named as Pc Keith Palmer, Aysha Frade and US tourist Kurt Cochran

29 people remain in hospital and have been visited by the prime minister

Earlier, Mrs May told the Commons: "Our resolve will never waver in the face of terrorism."

Eight people have been arrested and raids have taken place in London, Birmingham and elsewhere

Source : ITN news 


Anonymous said...

As always, in times of National Emergency, The Great London Cab Trade prove their loyalty and worth.
An example too, of what our serving Police Officers deal with on a day to day basis. I would like to offer my love and support to the family of PC Keith Palmer of the Met's Diplomatic Protection Unit, taken down by the scum and filth that walk London streets displaying their hate.
I have worked closely with the Met's Firearms Teams and they are a professional, committed and passionate bunch of men and women, resolute in their brief and proud of their uniform.
My love and support too, to the poor innocent members of the public, going about their lives and business with no idea at all, that their futures and dreams would be ended or dreadfully changed forever, through absolutely no fault of their own.

Terrorism is a fanatical and inherently nasty cancer, that grows, thrives and matures on a constant feed of hate. British born insurgents brainwashed to maim, hate and kill should have no mercy shown to them in my opinion, by either the judiciary system, or the trigger finger of a trained firearms officer.
For those who felt dross like Martin McGuinness was a sign of peace and hope, tell that to the families who suffered and were parted from their loved ones forever a cowardly act of terrorism.

Well done to my colleagues of The London Cab Trade who did their bit yesterday, and a special well done to the Met's Officer who fired the shot that put the crap back into the sewer of eternity. With luck, any future drugged up fanatics born, bred, educated and housed in the UK who fancies a pop at the hand that has fed them.......will suffer the same destiny.

8829 Semtex

Steve said...

Here we go again the public will never learn yesterday we the black cab trade come into there own doing what we do best getting people home safe and sound and drivers using the knowledge and there expertise many not taking money personally I used my experience to give some rides free I took a very very nervous pregnant lady to paddlers when I said no charge she cried in my mind on day like yesterday normal rules go out the window but here we are the day after I'm sitting at langham watching the usual uber pick ups ect I'm on point a uber pulls up right in front of me a lady gets out comes to me and says I need to get to Waterloo can you get me there so I say I can off we go I ask how come you got out the car she said his sat nav has gone off and he don't know how to ask to get there and he can not understand me so I said we're you come from she said kings cross half hour ago we been driving around I said why didn't you just get a taxi off the rank now here's the killer I don't normally get black cabs I use uber because I know the drivers are not on much money so like to give them the money and I know you guys earn a fortune I put her right but she just said I'm sorry I just don't believe you I saw how you guys were picking up all over yesterday I even got one but he did not charge me so he must get paid by the government when there a emergency now the red mist took over and let her have it we were just by Piccadilly when by some very strange fate my cab broke down at the lights it just went off I apologized of course and out she got telling me in a very annoyed voice what am I going to do now I just sorry off she gos then a very strange thing happened and I never knew this happened so I'm warning all you drivers if you sitting in traffic and you turn the key the engine stops and if you turn back it comes on again funny that point is it don't matter what we do the public or some of them hate us and even hate us more when they HAVE to use us

Anonymous said...

Sadiq Khan has spoken out about terrorism; yet not one word to condemn radical islam. Why?

Anonymous said...

the second comment says it all

The olden said...

To obtain a 'London Cab Driver's Badge 'the applicant has to commit to several years of the study of London's complicated geography, also and, arguably more important the applicant's history, temperament and character is extensively scrutinised.Such is the intensity of this procedure that the general public can be confident that their driver has been examined and tested to a very high degree.
Can the same be said for the drivers who are employed by Uber. Because of serious flaws in the vetting system,a newly arrived immigrant who applies to be a private hire driver, can only be vetted to their time in this country.Evidence of previous history in their own country cannot be relied on to be accurate.
Is it then possible that this lack of proper investigation could have the potential of a 'Trojan Horse'scenario,and if, God forbid an atrocity were to occur, will those who have facilitated the ease of wich a private hire licence can be obtained, stand up and be counted

lee ward said...

It is times like these that remind me of the pride I have in you guys down there in the smoke.

A massive well done to you all.

Airport Shuttle said...

Awesomeness, one company should definitely not have control of the whole world. Sad.