Thursday, March 23, 2017

Latest News From Rome, Regarding Today's Taxi Strike.

            Rome, yesterday March 22

Italy's transport industry ministries, unveiled a decree to taxi drivers, aimed at stopping  the "abuse" by private NCC cabbies and other chauffeur services to the detriment of taxi drivers. 

The five-article decree was drafted by the two ministries and presented at the transport ministry to try to avert another all out strike Today. 

Earlier yesterday, a Turin court rejected multinational Uber's appeal against Italian taxi drivers, over the UberPop ride-hailing app. They have banned its use in Italy because it constituted unfair competition. 

It was a Milan court which first banned the UberPop app in Italy two years ago. 

Uber said today, that its Italian business would not be unduly affected, because "the UberPop model has been amply superseded for two years now...they added that they only use fully authorised drivers now".

Italian taxi drivers have been fighting against Uber and have staged a series of strikes, one of which culminated in violent protests outside parliament.

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