Tuesday, March 28, 2017

It's Getting Serious... Financial times Also Carrying The Ongoing Saga Of #Ubergate... By Jim Thomas

It's getting serious now, as the financial times has also carried the ongoing saga of #Ubergate. 

A TfL insider source has told Taxi Leaks that top directors from surface transport, were called to a crisis meeting yesterday. It's been alleged that so far, one TfL director has resigned.

Helen chapman has just confirmed that indeed, Garret Emmerson has resigned. 

Unconfirmed reports are coming in that another one has gone as well. We will update as soon as we get confirmation... 

Worries are now spreading throughout the management of the possibility that some may face legal action, over their role in the relaxation of legislation to allow an app based platform to be licensed.

And there's even more #Ubergate from the Mail today

How Dave's pals at Uber 'plotted to stop Brexit': Company used the taxi app to urge millennials to sign up and vote 


As they say though, it's not over, till its over and I've been told there is so much more to come with #Ubergate.

Also, yesterday on the CyberBorisjohnson political blog.....

Sleazy Riders! The Mail rats out Cameron and Osbo over Uber

The cat is out of the bag!  The Mail revealed today after a flat denial last year, a second freedom of information request has resulted in TfL revealing that Boris Johnson was indeed leant on by Osbo and his henchmen to to lay off Uber.  There was apparently a huge disagreement between No. 10 and Mayor Boris Johnson’s office., because the Mayor wanted fairness and observance of the rules and Osbo and Cameron wanted Uber let off everything scot free

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The BBC Impartial ?
Ever wondered why 
• The BBC never cover our demos
• Haven't picked up on the #Ubergate story
• Insist on calling minicabs Taxis
• Are guilty of product placement by continued mention of the Uber brand on TV shows???

Grant Davis, chairman of the LCDC has made a direct plea to the trade to support the Crowdfunding case of Jolyon Maugham QC. 

Grant said yesterday on face book:  
Please drivers, if you are not in an Org, please think about the Club.

We are only as strong as our members and with Unite & UCG not contributing to the VAT court case, any new members joining the Club, I will donate the first months subs to the cause:

We are just passionate drivers who want to keep our jobs.

Editorial Comment : 

Had this today from the RMT...

"The RMT are calling a meeting to discuss the crowdfunding and Uber's renewal". 

Use this link below to donate 


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