Wednesday, March 29, 2017

It's Been A Long Time Coming, But Finally... The Tide Has Turned And The Rats Are Jumping Ship

Lots of good news coming out this week. 

After a slow start, the crowdfunding appeal for Uber's VAT case started to accelerated after two massive pledges. Cash strapped drivers who are truely struggling, have dug deep and the fund is now racing on. 

The escalation started with #Action4Cabbies initial pledge of £4,000, and a promise of more to come.

This was followed on Saturday evening by CabVision's promise to match pledges upto the value of £10,000.

#Action4Cabbies will today add another £6,030 to their initial pledge bringing their total to £10,030.

We have also been formed that new kids on the blog 'TaxiApp' have donate £500. 

As of today, the crowdfunding total stands at £55,149, with 21 days left to go. 

If you care about the future of this trade, please pledge and help the fund reach its total. 

Use this link below to donate 


On top of Uber's massive PR disaster, currently coming out in the national news papers lead by the Daily Mail -publicising Downing Street's heavy handed involvement in the lobbying of previous Mayor Boris Johnson and TfL to "go easy on Uber"-we received news yesterday of the departure of Garret Emmerson from the TfL directorate.
Lobbying, corruption, conflict of interests and backhanded job offers, it's all coming out now.

One interesting case to hit the headlines these past few days, was that of Jamie Hawes' court verdict against TfL. Judgement has been made that Mr Hawes is owed £18 a day for being forced -under conditions of vehicle fitness- to advertise TfL's stakeholders. 
Also the court has ordered TfL to repay Mr Hawes Licence fee because of the conflict of contract involved with one of TfL's board members.

Yesterday, we are told on the LTDA Twitter account, at the APPG meeting in the House of Commons, Lord Blencathra said "Uber, the most vile form of capitalist company I've ever come across". 

It's been a long time coming, but it certainly looks like the tide has finally turned. This has been the best week our trade has seen for over 4 years..... and it's only Wednesday !

Extra Comment from Paul Coghlan :
Today's mail will pour yet more petrol on the ubergate bonfire. 

Yesterday we read how uber repaid the prime ministers illegal lobbying of Boris Johnson by targeting its users and urging them to register to vote in the referendum. 

Osbourne offered a £650k a year position with Black rock for leaning on Johnson too. 
This is too big to not warrant a public enquiry. 

A British iconic industry killed off to accommodate an American app who pay no tax into our system.

A few sacrificial lambs falling on their swords at TFL will simply not quench my thirst for the blood I demand.

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