Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Inside Out Show's Uber Can't Be Trusted, As Brighton Gets Flooded With TfL Registered PHVs

Finally, the BBC have aired a program which has proved beyond any shadow of a doubt, that Uber can not be trusted under any circumstances. 

Uber were granted a one year licence to operate in Brighton and Hove in October after a council meeting in 2015. However, they only started to operate at the end of last year when the licence was renewed in full.

It was only renewed on condition that they only used drivers who were licensed in Brighton as a posed to drivers licensed by other authorities such as TfL. 

Chair of the licensing committee, Cllr Jackie O Quinn of the Labour and Co Op group was aware that Uber drivers don't have the local knowledge that local drivers have and TfL registered cars don't have the CCTV that local PH cars have and yet her committee still renewed Uber's licence. 

Needless to say once renewed it has opened up the flood gates and the Brighton and Hove have been inundated with TfL registered Uber's, plus some from as far away as south Cambridgeshire. 

Uber say the legislation from 1976 and from 2015 means they don't need the councils permission to operated in the city as long as all jobs go through the app. 

Cllr O'Quinn said they thought they had an agreement to work with Uber but turns out the council is in an impossible position. 

John Steeter of streamline Taxis said "All Brighton licensed vehicles must have CCTV but TfL said with their cars it's not necessary and that fact doesn't make them any less safe"

Last year alone there were 154 reported sex attacks on passengers by private hire drivers in London 32 by Uber drivers, a fact that TfL have constantly ignored.

There are now grave concerns that these TfL registered drivers will bring down the safety standards in Brighton. 



Anonymous said...

This program was BBC propaganda. It culminated with the presenter exclaiming 'This battle will be decided by the public and their smart phones!‘ Not a single word about P4H, But much was said by the council about the Town and city act 1978 that makes uber legal to operate.
They're all in it together

lee ward said...

Good old Fred Jones from Uber...as always he is in his dream machine...

The 2015 Dereg Act has absolutely nothing to do with how Uber operate, but he throws it in to smoke screen the real argument.... what a cock....