Friday, March 17, 2017

Google Upsetting LGBT Community, With Inappropriate Advert Placing... By Gerald Coba.

YouTube hate preachers share screens with household names

Google is to be hauled in front of MPs and brands have scrambled to pull their advertisements from YouTube after research by The Times showed commercial campaigns supporting extremist material

After upsetting the Taxi trade, by advertising free rides home with a certain Rape App, aired during the Super Bowl, Helen Mirren has now upset and insulted the LGBT community on YouTube again. 

Let's not forget the R eports in the media over the last few years which have shown Uber drivers frequently discriminating against lesbian and gay passengers.

 In this latest faux-pass, just as Steven Anderson reaches the climax of his latest hate-filled sermon -uploaded each week on to YouTube- he is replaced on screen by a close-up image of the actress Helen Mirren.

Dame Helen appears in a L’Oréal campaign for the Prince’s Trust, the charity set up to empower young people to get into jobs, education and training. 

The advert appeared while Anderson’s sermon was still playing, its inclusive message clashing with the bearded preacher’s exhortations that "homosexuals were not born that way, but they will burn in hell that way”.

L’Oréal was far from the only brand to advertise on YouTube videos posted on behalf of Anderson, despite the preacher being banned from Britain last year after responding to a terrorist attack on a gay club. 

Big name brands are now deserting Google big time, over the way adverts have been placed on unsuitable videos feeds. 

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Arthur Dent said...

Helens taxi driver father must be turning in his grave
Talk about biting the hand that's fed you.