Friday, March 17, 2017


It's your job to serve your constituents. Either stand down as an MP or quit your job as editor of the Evening Standard.

Why is this important?

George Osborne has just accepted a job as editor of the Evening Standard. But he’s already got a full-time job as an MP, representing tens of thousands of people who live in his constituency, including me.

It’s not appropriate for someone to be a member of the government and also control a huge amount of the media. George Osborne needs to pick a job.

The Evening Standard newspaper said its publication schedule “will enable Mr Osborne to edit the paper and continue to fulfil his other commitments, including as an MP; giving him the time to vote and contribute in parliament in the afternoon after the paper has gone to print, and be in his constituency.”

But what about when he needs to be an MP in the morning? No other full-time job would let you just work afternoons. And when it comes to standing up for constituents - helping someone in need or providing vital support to struggling families - that should always be George Osborne’s number one priority.

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Anonymous said...

FYI Uber driver crash caught on camera. Second crash that night.

Anonymous said...

FYI Same as before, different report

Anonymous said...

This petition has 85k signatures in less than 24 hours.
It just goes to show that if you get the message right the Public will support it.

Obviously greed and corruption is something people react against.

If there are ever any Taxi protests again it may be a good idea to carefully consider the message;
Perhaps it could be 'Expose the corruption with a Public Inquiry'' !!!

lee ward said...

Post with a name and not as anonymous ad I am sure the support of your comments will come in thick and fast....