Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Back To The Future ? First call Woodfield I'm Spartacus

Drivers: Changes to penalties for handheld mobile phone use:
From 1 March 2017, the penalties for using a hand-held mobile phone while driving will increase to 6 points on your licence and a £200 fine.

THINK! has launched a new campaign encouraging drivers to put their phone in the glove compartment while driving to avoid temptation.

Ironically, TfL advise their own drivers to find a safe spot and pick up messages, return calls or set up SatNavs.
Yet there is no such publication aimed at the Taxi and Private Hire trades

So in the week that a long overdue crackdown on mobile phone and use of devices in the vehicle will attract 6 points and stiffer fines, as expected TfL & the Met are silent on the matter but be sure other constabularies will do their duty.

We expect them to give a special look at those interacting with a certain app outside their area of licensing.

With the technology available today, apps can be adjusted so they only work below 4 kph, but it's probably safer that they only work when stationary.

So maybe back to the future with voice despatch for Taxi's, who doesn't miss it?). Swop shops, quizzes, banter, cheating, mad dispatchers, all part of the fun.

Somewhere stashed away in stores, are loads of old radio sets, rumour has it some are in the back of what's now the wine cellar at Woodfield Road.

How much longer can TfL defend the indefensible, no excuses not to act and pass regulations prohibiting in motion use.

'Can anyone offer a time?'

I'm Spartacus

Editorial Extra :
Taxi Leaks have recieved this message from the London Cab Drivers Club. The clubs ranks and highways officer Alan McGrady has asked the Essex Police to clarify the situation regarding mobiles and SatNavs in cradles.

Nothing from the LTDA, nothing from the UCG, nothing from the RMT and nothing from Unite.

This from the GMB

Bit hard though if your on an UberPool job 😂😂😂


Gary Mason said...

So surely every Phv driver should of been done today. I noticed them all this morning touch the phone whilst it's on their windscreen plus they all had earphones in.

Anonymous said...

find a safe spot and stop....

and get a £100 Parking Fine

Anonymous said...

The opportunity to report every Ubdr driver you see acting illegally is now wide open to you. Are you still going to insist on playing fair? Are Ubdr playing fair? Two strikes and that's twelve points. "Every cloud" as they say.

Anonymous said...

Nothing from TfL
Well there backers wouldn't like it
Would they.
When your bought and paid for
You must never bite the hand that
Feeds you.
Everyone at the LTDA will tell you that!!!
And what about cabs with TVs screens
In the back that distract the passenger
Who is 99% not wearing a seat belt.
But that's ok it's advertising for there
Corporate friends.
remember they've been told lay off Uber!!!!

Anonymous said...

I've only had my green badge 6 month, took me four years to get, I'm a time served bricklayer, I now looking at emigrating to new Zealand as there shortage of brickys, I know I'm throwing away the four years it took to get my badge but after hard thought I'd rather do that than throw away the rest of a life at the hands of TFL and the LTDA. I've always been looking for a better life and know I'm not getting it in London as a green badge driver. The people how should care do not and sadly thier is not enough of us good people who do care to achieve solidarity to change.

Anonymous said...

9:11am bricky

I hope, what goes around, comes around, to those excuses for Human Beings, who call themselves, tfl

I am so sad for you