Monday, March 13, 2017

Email from Steve Garelick of the GMB to TfL, concerning the Sean Stocking incident

Email from Steve Garelick of the GMB to TfL 

I am driven to write to yourselves based on the decision to revoke Sean Stockings license.
Whilst Sean is not a member of the GMB I am concerned that this matter is not seen as localised.
Notably I cannot agree with certain aspects of the reasoning behind this matter.
Firstly, my concerns about comments on Twitter the reality is there is a feeling of helplessness that many drivers are experiencing as a result of work they imagined would provide them with income for their working life.
A series of decisions some internal some unavoidable has led to many using social media for their only avenue to vent frustration and to ask questions which may be unpalatable.
This may not sit well as derogatory however based on my yet as unanswered email to Peter Blake from earlier this year is it any wonder that drivers feel this way.
Being blunt my email was an attack on Peters management of the spaces situation which theoretically could garner a similar response?
Turning to the aspect of Leon Daniels firstly a restaurant is not a private institution in fact a restaurant is as public as it gets.
I have to expect when in social situations that drivers will want to engage with me as this is part and parcel of public engagement.
I noted the unease and aplomb of Mr. Daniels but bluntly knowing he wrote to Uber to discuss ideas for their operation does not endear him to me as his role is of a licensing authority official and not a business adviser.
Mr Stockings has to my knowledge no complaints about his behaviour or demeanour in carrying out his working role and I think this does clearly then question the reasoning behind this revocation.
Is there any chance the public are either at risk or that when carrying passengers is there a chance that professionalism of a London taxi driver and ex-serviceman would be transformed?
In my opinion this is not only unlikely but a weak hypothesis.
I would request this is reconsidered as a matter of urgency and that moving down the path of further rebuttal and angst from the taxi trade a reassessment of this matter is given earnest reflexion.
Steve Garelick
Branch Secretary Professional Drivers G56


Bobs drinking buddy said...

So let's get this straight
Sean is in the LCDC who will fully represent him
The UCG will only support if Grant holds official demo
RMT and Unite show no support
Worst of all, it's alleged that it was in fact Steve McNamara who grassed up Sean to Daniels, then apologised on behalf of the trade to Mike Brown.

And the only union/Group who have publicly come out and shown Sean full support apart from the LCDC/DDD/MM and the ITA is the minicab union GMB.

As Steve Mc used to say
"You couldn't make this up".

I'm Spartacus said...

Let's put everybody straight, firstly you have to let TfL's appeal process conclude, then the LCDC can call a meeting of all the trade orgs.

I assume then a magistrate throws over this bizarre and clearly vengeful decision, little point demonstrating about Tfl now as their position is clear.

I don't know this guy but what I do know is revocation must be reserved for those who commit serious criminal offences, some may view this chaps behaviour foolish or even distasteful but that's no justification to deprive him of his livelihood.

TfL's actions are our of all proportion and in my view designed to intimidate us, if someone has apologised to Mike Brown, they certainly didnt ask us for their endorsement.

Back to the old old call for an enquiry into TfL, it's relationships with third parties, it's processes and impartiality,.

Dont judge actions or non comment of trade organisations etc now as precipitous actions or opportunist statements could be harmful to the person in question.

The collapse of confidence in the regulator and its low standing in the trade are again in my view solely the responsibility of TfL and the chairs past and present of the board the Mayor' of London.

Anonymous said...

Good on him for writing the letter, but it reflects badly on the trade that he didn't get anyone to proof read it first. English language requirement?

Marcus Amauri said...

Sounds like Spartacus has signed up for a seat in the senate.
Let's wait and see policies have got us where we are today, in the Coliseum, tied to a steak with lions roaming round our feet.

Eddie Lambert said...

Considering that TfL were more than happy a convicted murderer was not only a licensed PH driver but had alßo been allowed to start the Knowledge severäl ŷears ago I find this situation increadable. It was later revealed that this same PH driver also had other convictions for violence which where known to the PCO at Penton St just before the move south of the river and the name change.

Anonymous said...

Who are the UCG? They don't seem to want to support Sean Stockings against the seemingly malicious action of TfL in revoking his licence. Couldn't the UCG stand on their principles and act alone without having to seek the support of the LCDC? Perhaps the UCG do not have the strength of numbers to make a demo meaningful.

The integrity of the UCG comes into question here. They claim they are a Mutual Society but don't seem to want to act or operate on Mutual principles. Mutual self-help. Like all trade organisations their rules outline what their aims and objects are in defending taxi drivers. A quick check of the UCG rules would soon show what their principles and obligations are and how they want to protect taxi drivers and not just their own members.

Can any UCG member quote their rules on how the UCG defend and represent taxi drivers?