Saturday, March 18, 2017

Another Serious Sexual Assault In A Minicab, This Time At St Pancras Drop Off.

More breaking news just in as we hear that a young lady has been assaulted in the back of a minicab -sporting blacked out windows- in the drop off bay at St Pancras Station on Pancras Road. 

This attack can be clearly attributed to the lack of enforcement from our woefully inadequate regulator, TfLTPH. The monster they've created needs enforcement morning, noon and especially at night. Not just for a few minutes every so often. 

But then TfL have always turned their back and denighed the escalation of sexual assaults, they have even massaged statistics to cover up their failure. What the public should understand most of all -according to Susie Lamplugh trust- only 10% of sexual attacks are reported to police. 

Marshals, More Harm Than Good ?
Many drivers feel that powerless marshals supplied for a few hours every week, do more harm than good. 
It's alleged this gives TfL an excuse to avoid the worst affected areas. 
I have personaly experience jobs being held back for other Taxis. 
Many times we've seen marshals taking up much needed space on the ranks they are marshalling, with a Taxis having then to over rank. 
Since the Mayfair ranks have been marshalled over the weekends, operation neon officers have all but disappeared and touting has increased. 

We all knew that yesterday's highly visual display at St Pancras by 8 compliance officers, was no more than a knee jerk reaction to Wednesday's blockade, organised by the Independent Taxi Alliance  and Dads Defending Daughters. 

We all know from past experience that this sudden show of force won't be comprehensive and certainly wouldn't be permanent. Public safety deserves preventative measures not reactive after thoughts. 

Taxi Leaks has campaigned for years to get blacked out windows banned in private hire vehicles, as it's felt by many rape support groups that th restricted view actually facilitates in-vehicle sexual assaults.

Other news from this week:
Hostilities have suddenly escalated between Ajit Chambers and LTDA general secretary Steve McNamara. 

In statement on Twitter yesterday, Ajit alleged that while in a telephone conversation, Steve McNamara said "if Black cab drivers don't like the situation with Uber, they can get another job".

An hour later, the LTDA twitter feed anonymously posted a single word reply.


Anonymous said...

It's about time McNamara was a done deal ...

Tom Edwards said...

Jim, I'm glad you bought this up as I've been suspicious of what's been going on particularly at the Swallow Street Arch.
I've seen marshals walking jobs up to Vigo Street rank. When questioned they said it was an app job.

But I've also heard about jobs being held back while another cab comes to pick up.
What is it with these marshals parking on ranks. Old street was a two cab rank and every time I went there the two marshals had their cabs on the rank and I had to illegally double park
Haks and Novikov's always got cars on at weekends, funny, don't see that during the week.

Anonymous said...

Anyone know if the alcaholic Bob Oddy got nicked ???
It was disgusting to think he had his grandchildren in the car with him and that bird

The olden said...

As the mountain of evidence against the frisco cowboys and their cohorts gathers pace, what will it take to rid this carbuncle on the face of society, let's hope it doesn't have to be so dramatic that someone experiences a life changing events. If GOD FORBID it did happen expect the usual suspects to jump ship

The olden said...

With the exception of scumbag Warboys, the treatment of women passengers by our trade in our fair city, has been exemplary
What gives a rogue company the right to employ drivers who then run amok among the females of this town without any recriminations

Anonymous said...

There all rotten passed there sell by date dogs that need putting down.