Tuesday, March 28, 2017

As The House Of Cards Collapses .... Garret Emmerson First To Leave The Sinking Ship

Garret Emmerson has decided to quit his £184,999 job as Cheif Operating Officer For Surface Transport just days after he #Ubetgate scandal broke in the daily mail.

News broke last night that one of TfL's top staff had resigned and a crisis meeting of the directors was called. Garrett departure was confirmed this morning by TfLTPH General Manager Helen Chapman. 

An internal memo had been circulated to TfL staff his morning from Leon Daniels, Managing Director of Surface Transport, announcing the departure of Garrett Emmerson and confirmation was made around midday.

Memo from Leon Daniels said:

I am sad to announce that Garrett Emmerson, Chief Operating Officer for Surface Transport, will be leaving us.

After nearly eight years in the role of Chief Operating Officer for Surface Transport (and before that, as TfL’s Director of Strategy & Policy), I am sad to announce that Garrett Emmerson has decided the time is right for him to move on from TfL and seek new career opportunities and challenges elsewhere.....

Meanwhile on a train to Brussels Mayor Sadiq Khan was interviewed by LBC, in the light of the story which has been breaking in the Daily Mail and Financial Times, concerning Downing Street leaning on the previous Mayor Boris Johnson, to go easy on the San Francisco based minicab booking app, even though they didn't meet the strict regulations other minicab operators have had to meet.

The saga continues and is far from over as rumours abound that a second high profile member of TfL has also resigned....more news as and when it becomes confirmed. 


Who will be next ?

Below Peter Blake being interviewed by Nick Ferrari


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