Friday, February 03, 2017

United Taxis Merge With Rival, Creating Biggest Fleet In Dorset And Hampshire

United Taxis’ new board of directors on Boscombe sea front

BOURNEMOUTH’S biggest taxi operator has increased its fleet from 220 cars to 310 after a merging with one of its key competitors.

United Taxis’ merger with Christchurch Radio Cabs went ahead yesterday.

The move leaves United as the owner of the biggest taxi fleet in Dorset and Hampshire.

Negotiations between the firms started in September 2016 with the aim of increasing United’s reach into Christchurch, New Milton and Lymington and further east.

Christchurch Radio Cabs will now begin the process of re-branding its 100-strong fleet and its three offices, which are in Old Christchurch Road in Bournemouth, New Milton and Christchurch.

The joint company will use both the businesses’ phone numbers, with all phone calls handled from one central call centre.

United says the merger will build on the growing popularity of its mobile app, which allows customers to book, track and pay for their taxi.

Derek Heritage, director of United Taxis, said: “It is a real pleasure to merge with Christchurch Radio Cabs at a time when there are many developments in our business.

“This deal sees United become the largest fleet in Dorset and Hampshire and offers our passengers more choice over a wider area.

“Further to that, our app offers a seamless and secure service that benefits many customers in terms of tracking their taxi, paying by card and identifying the car and driver.”

Chris Cullerton, who was chairman of the former Christchurch Radio Cabs, said: “In turn we had always wanted to get more business from the west and this merger allows everyone, within both companies, to benefit as one brand.

“Ultimately our customers benefit – collectively now we are on line to look after 170,000 customers a month – and with the development of our new app there isn’t an easier way to book at taxi and pay securely.”

United Taxis was established in 1995 and Christchurch Radio Cabs in 1970. Collectively the company employs over 485 drivers and 70 administrative staff out of seven offices.

United previously took over Star Radio Cabs in 2015, acquiring 40 more vehicles in the process and expanding the area it covered.

Source : Bournemouth Echo 


Rob said...

Sir, commendable business acumen shown I hope they achieve every success they deserve. A great shame such prescience and sharpness of mind wasn't shown by Londons leading radio circuits several years ago. DAC and radio taxis had natural 'synergies' surely they would have dovetailed. A great deal of work was needed and focus . Really the ability was lacking. Let's be frank neither 'chairmen' had MA's in business or the accreditation to see such a huge undertaking through_ the vision the belief the talent. They were shrewd chancers both with the gift of the mouth,and a slightly wide boy hutzpa. They both had their names over company's which truthfully needed little helmsmanship. They were competing amongst themselves with a 'musical chairs merry go round ' of account customers. If com cab were ditched the customer would go to DAC. If dac were ditched the client would go to Radio taxis and so no. Some time ago a contributor made a truthful remark which hit home here, forgive me plagiarising,'anyone can hold the helm when the seas are calm.' They aren't calm now and haven't been for 5 years. An absolute fortune has been wasted in this trade by these Radio company's . DAC are hungry enough to be taking 1.8% commission from drivers on a street hailed creadit card ffs.Both 'chairmen' I suppose were/are well remunerated so perhaps their focus was lacking. A smalller board so fewer jobs there. I just can't help but feel very sad and regretful that an opportunity was lost,perhaps consolidation would have enabled one circuit to thrive /survive and pushed an app rather than have these god awful interlopers in the trade .It's madness we had three circuits ( more at one point) all scurrying around against each other. Now there will be one left. Perhaps the black cab radio circuit model is broken , its day has come and gone.

lee ward said...

I have seen this pattern across the country, and it worries me.

While I applaud the business sense of the owners, I worry that less and less companies are available to the independent driver to choose from.

When up against larger and well established companies, how would a new venture even get off the ground?