Saturday, February 04, 2017

Thousands of angry Brexit voters sign petition to remove Sadiq Khan as Mayor of London over EU row

Sadiq Khan has said London deserves a place on the Brexit negotiation table

A petition to remove Sadiq Khan as Mayor of London has been signed by thousands as Brexit voters in the capital push for Article 50 to be triggered.

Over 64,000 signatures are on the petition, which argues against London having ties with the European Union when "the country voted out".

Matthew Lee, from Derbyshire, who set up the petition, said London is the capital of the country and should back a hard Brexit - unlike the Mayor who wants to negotiate with the EU and create exceptions for the city.

He wrote: "Remain supporters are trying to create civil unrest in the UK and by asking for London to be an independent state, it shows the lack of understanding of why we have a north and south divide here in the UK.

The petition argues that Sadiq Khan is trying to negotiate for London only, creating a further divide between the north and south

"London is the capital city of the "United Kingdom" and not the European Union and therefore Sadiq Khan needs to be removed as Mayor of London.

"If his statement "crucial that London has a voice at the table during those renegotiation's", then so should the rest of the cities across the United Kingdom."

The Petition,> >Click Here< <, which began several months ago, has re-emerged as MPs voted on triggering Article 50 on Wednesday (February 1), the first process.

West London MPs voted both for and against triggering Article 50, although votes swayed towards against due to London voting overwhelmingly to remain.

Although Sadiq Khan actively campaigned alongside Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn in the run up to the EU Referendum, he has since said London must focus on getting the best deal for itself and for the country's economy.

One proposal which has already been discussed in City Hall is a "London-only visa for migrants"- although the logistics are yet to be debated.

City Hall has been approached for comment

source : GetWestLondon.


Anonymous said...

The only thing this Mayor has done is remove pictures of women in swimsuits from the tube.
He keeps going on about Londons open for business- not according to some of the people I've picked up!
They are moving their companies away as they can't get to more than one meeting a day because of the godawful traffic.

Anonymous said...

Khan is bloody useless. All he's interested in is cutting a better deal for the UK's and London Muslim communities. Everyone else can do one according to him. I didn't think we could possibly have a worse London Mayor than the last two celebrities. But there he is. Right in front of our vey eyes.
By the way Sadiq, let us know when you manage to get Brexit reversed, perhaps we can also get the last 13 World Cup results changed as well ! I tell you something my noble Mayor, can you also change the result of the London Mayoral vote whilst your at it as well? Just so we don't have to put up with your rubbish and lies for another minute longer pal.

Mr luggs said...

We want Leon Daniels to follow

Mr luggs said...

And when you go take Leon Daniels and co with you bunch of useless dorfs!

Anonymous said...

So some pleb from Derbyshire wants to overturn a democratic election. Maybe he should move down here and pay London prices otherwise he can bore off and take his pointless petition with him

Anonymous said...

How about a petition to get Nigel farage has mayor

Matthew Lee said...

Some pled from Derbyshire put his name to the petition and post
Unlike the low life pled who criticises every body and everything.