Friday, February 10, 2017

TfL Registered Cars Working In Manchester : TfL Say "Nothing We Can Do", DFT DISAGREES

TfL Registered Cars Working in Manchester
TfL say .Nothing We Can Do!


TFL has a financial interest in PH licences.

Inaction is unacceptable.

A simple remedy to this would be for the regulator to amend local requirements to stipulate that all pre booked fares should begin, end, or pass through the licensing area. 'Island' arrangements to be made for necessary exceptions.  

Below is an (unredacted) extract from the DFT's response to a recent petition requesting action on the abuse of cross boarder hiring legislation. 


Charlie Levy said...

they have infested southend-on sea with drivers that have been banned from holding a license in southend due to their criminal records southend corporation complained to TFL and as yet they have not heard a thing from TFL that's how much TFL investigate as long as TFL get their money they are not worried about anything else.

Anonymous said...

tfl & anyone associated with them, should be ashamed of themselves

they nothing more than scum

just look at the salaries that they pay themselves - there's no relationship, to their worth - the whole thing is an obscene cash cow, for the chosen few

reminds me of Baroness Glenys Kinnock - she swopped her modestly paid school teacher's salary for the mega-bucks of the EU gravy-train

Anonymous said...

The malfeasance and corruption at TfL is out of control
They are as bad now as FIFA

Lee Ward said...

Page 23 & 24 of the Local Government Association's Taxi and Private Hire Licensing Councillors Handbook for England and Wales states;

As a councillor you can take some simple steps to ensure that your local authority is not
having a detrimental impact on other authorities and their communities. Ask your taxi and
PHV licensing service whether they have a high enough standard of conditions (see councillor
checklist) and consider where an applicant intends to work when issuing licences. You do have the legal right to refuse to issue a licence if the applicant does not intend to work mainly in your
area and should recognise that the reputational impact to your council of knowingly licensing
taxis to operate elsewhere could severely limit your ability to develop partnership working with
neighbouring authorities.
If you seek to include a section on this in your licensing policy, then it is important to remember that a ‘hackney carriage’ cannot ‘work’ or ‘operate’ as a PHV. The law simply allows them to be used for ‘private hire purposes’. This may sound like semantics, but has been tested in the courts and means that you cannot use your greater power to condition PHV driver licences to regulate the driver of a hackney carriage, even though they may at times be working in the same manner as a PHV driver (ie making pre-booked journeys, rather than plying for hire).

They wrote the book and can not even play by its rules