Sunday, February 12, 2017

Taxi Repeatedly Rams Into Uber Cars On Old Airport Road.

SINGAPORE - A 69-year-old taxi driver is assisting with police investigations after he repeatedly rammed his taxi into several Uber cars outside the Old Airport Road Food Centre on Saturday (Feb 11) morning.

According to a statement from the police, they were alerted to an accident involving a taxi and four other cars along Old Airport Road at 10.02am.

Based on preliminary investigation, the police have ruled out drink driving. The 69-year-old taxi driver is currently assisting with police investigations, the statement said.

The driver can be seen repeatedly reversing the yellow taxi several times then surging forward to hit the car in front of him. The impact of the repeated hits sent the other car surged it forward to hit other vehicles. The taxi driver studiously though avoided hitting the car behind.

Customers at the food outlet have speculated that the taxi driver had a road dispute with the driver of the car in front. But other cabbies are saying the driver snapped when he spotted a line of Uber drivers forming an unofficial rank.


A taxi driver who spoke to a local news channel on conditions of anonymity said:
 "The cabbie went berserk because he was frustrated with Uber and Grab for stealing away his business and illegally waiting around the area, forming unofficial ranks, touting and waiting for jobs on their phones .”

He went on to say:
 "We are all upset with these parasites hanging around the airport stealing away at work. It was just a matter of time before a driver lost it".

Taxi company ComfortDelGro who own the London Taxi radio circuit ComCab, has reached out to owners of the damaged cars.

Ms Tammy Tan, group corporate communications officer from ComfortDelGro Corporation Limited, said: "We are relieved no one was injured during the incident. The driver has given his statement to the police and we are assisting them in their investigations. We have also activated our loss adjustors to follow up with owners of the cars that were affected."


Anonymous said...

Go yourself my son. In GB we have a petition to attempt to get the corrupt to investigate themselves. When that doesn't work, we arrange a meeting to discuss things three months later. When that doesn't work we repeat the same, over and over again.

Anonymous said...

Well done that Singapore driver..
Well done Turkey...
Shame I can't a the same for London!!!!
Man up and fight for your living.
What are you cowards.
Don't let a load of office boys rob you of your trade.
The miners and printers went out with a fight.
What you gonna do lay down and take it.
Let's go to fucking war.....

Anonymous said...

Was that bob oddy driving ????

Alan Wicker said...

can we start a collection, to pay his fares, to come over here

Anonymous said...

What's really amazing is that all this investors is such bad PR for them would you really want to be related to them if you was an investor I hear 2 big players are looking to pull the plug and cut threre losses smart thinking on there part I'm sure it will be made public soon

Anonymous said...

Bob oddy was probably driving an uber car.

Anonymous said...

The taxi trade world wide has got to take back there
Industry from the likes of Goldman sacks and other
Parasites that think there above the law.
Don't just go for the taxi industry either!!!
We are many they are few.

Anonymous said...

I can confirm boys & girls it's now been put on Massett hot spots

Anonymous said...

what did massett ever do for the trade?

what's massett ever done?

I bet he's had, through the trade, from the ltda, thousands and all without having to drive a cab

nice work if you can get it