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After of a series of actions, the ITA met with City of London and Transport for London representatives, concerning the proposed oxymoronic 'Bank on Safety' scheme.

It was evident from CoL and TfL that they were not going to negotiate. Even though CoL and TfL were shown that their data was faulty, to the extent of fraudulent.

The City of London seemed astonished, and Transport for Londonseemed rumbled, when we used their statistics against them.
We proved beyond question that the safest form of transport was Licensed London Taxis.

We showed the City of London our own statistics, proving Buses to be the most dangerous form of public transportation.

Frustratingly the City of Londonrefused point blank, to accept responsibility for its actions. And unsurprisingly, Transport for Londonrefused to accept that its inconsistent statistics were pure conjecture, bordering on make-believe.

The City of London conceded that if its scheme made any part of the City unsafe, it would have to rethink the whole trial period.

Even though the City of London and Transport for London's fraudulent premise of 'Bank on Safety' had been shown to be nothing more than a front for a more baser, mercenary motive, we had to accept that these people only care about their own interests, and democratic negotiations were of no value to them.
So we readied for industrial action.

          Empty, dangerous TfL buses

An all-Org Ranks Committee met with City of London on Tuesday. This allowed the matter of Taxi exclusion from Bank Junction, to be broached again.

All the Org members present played their part in pushing home our trade's astonishment and displeasure at being unjustly excluded from the eighteen month experimental period.

The Orgs gave their own report to CoL, proving the displacement of vehicles will cause carnage to the surrounding areas.

Again the City of London refused to negotiate. But after Org reps disproved CoL's argument for our exclusion, the Orgs were able to get assurances that although the experiment will go ahead, we will get two weeks at the end of March, when Cannon Street is finished, to let the LTDA do ANPR analysis on Taxi fares.

If there is an alarming rise in congestion, the City of Londonassured the Orgs it will suspend the experimental scheme. The City of London claims it will not tolerate mass congestion on its roads.

The CoL is adamant it will take the advice of its own commissioned traffic modelling.

However if the traffic modelling proves to be wrong, CoL has promised to suspend its experimental scheme.
If there is an increase in RTA's or congestion, there is an option to allow Taxis into the scheme, to relieve the surrounding area.
The Orgs will be going back to the City of London with their own findings. If, as predicted, the congestion worsens, the Orgs will ask the City of London to suspend its trial.

The Orgs have left the City of London know, in no uncertain terms, that if the City does not suspend the experimental scheme, as promised, the Orgs will take industrial action.
A line in the sand has been drawn.

Chris Hayward - Planning and Transportation Chairman for City of London

In light of these recent meetings, and the unifying agreement of the Orgs, the ITA believes it would be detrimental to this cause, to protest in March.

We drivers expect all the Orgs to keep close tabs on this ludicrous Bank Junction scheme, and to act swiftly if the City of London reneges on any of its promises.

The ITA would like to thank everyone involved; organisers, researchers, negotiators, all the Orgs, and especially all those who gave up their time and money to protest.
There is no such thing as a "Done deal."

"Protests have only been put on hold.

If, as we suspect, the City of London do not keep to their agreement, we will commence daily protests, for the whole of the eighteen month trial period, if need be.

We refuse to bow down to Machiavellian bullies!"

Source, ITA : 24/02/17


Anonymous said...

Once again the authorities have got the go ahead to do exactly what we protested against.they have bought more time to divide and conquer.once the scheme is up and running it will stay.i admire the fair play cabbies but nobody plays fair these days

Anonymous said...

Stand by to re-deploy. There is not a hope in hell that COL will stick to this agreement. Check your boot laces folks.You'll be pulling them tight again soon.

Anonymous said...

Orgs lay down and let them rub your belly ..complete joke! Representation? I don't think so!!

Anonymous said...

You have allowed yourselves to be beaten again,and have let down the hundreds of drivers who demonstrated against the vey ban which is still going ahead despite all the evidence you have presented,which you say proves beyond any reasonable doubt will have a detrimental effect on us as a business,and the ensuing congestion which will undoubtably have a massive impact on the surrounding streets.
I very much doubt COL will reverse the decision once the ban is in place.

I hope you prove me and the hundreds of drivers wrong who gave up there time and were prepared to start demo's again from the 1st ofMarch!!

S V said...

Local businesses are extremely concerned at this scheme. Their supply vehicles and customer transport needs will take a crippling hit.

One publican in the bank area felt the area would lose trade if people couldn't use the choice of transport expected in a capital city without hindrance.

Simply put if people can't get to somewhere, they're likely to go somewhere else.

Could this be the cynical plan?

Anonymous said...

National Day of Protest is still happening on Tuesday 28th. Maybe the ITA will organise some flash demos in support?

Mark said...

I disagree with the above comment, my only reservation is that the LTDA do their upmost to PROVE what we already know.
If as we all know this exercise will PROVE the bogus facts that the authority's are using against us.
Then if the powers to be , don't accept the TRUE findings we go full out to hit home our agenda. The fight isn't over till it's over. As proved on the weeks demo, there are a hardcore of drivers ( myself included) that won't allow the powers to be , to get away with it .

Anonymous said...

Suckered again.

Anonymous said...

Fair comment, but what the ITA to do? Considering the fact that all the Orgs have "Drawn a line in the sand." and threatened with 'one voice' to take strike action if the Experimental Scheme is a disaster for passenger journeys, traffic flow or accidents.

ITA (spokesman)

Anonymous said...

Better make sure we all continue to drive into the COL when the scheme starts.

David Forrester said...

we are being managed by col demo is the only language they understand

Anonymous said...

Clearly the roadworks presently surrounding Bank junction are part of the plan. By partly closing it off prior to official closure it's likely that some traffic has already found alternative routes & along with the re-phased traffic lights congestion is terrible around & nearby.
But lo & behold all roads are due to open just about the same time Bank is closed off!
Obviously with some traffic alreadyd using alternative routes to avoid current congestion & closed roads reopening traffic will flow better & more efficiently...add rephasing of traffic lights to suit agenda & stats will improve in comparison to how it's been for many weeks leading up to this closure!!
Add school holidays for first 2 weeks of coinciding with Bank closure...which means less traffic on top of the opening up of currently closed roads!! Agenda!!
What I don't understand is why the situation being monitored in March?

Anonymous said...

I'm very disappointed of the ITA decision I feel the support of the trade was growing from within this reminds me of the olympics

colin said...

It just goes to show the new mayor has no power over Tfl,infact he is just a puppet with tfl's hand up his arse working him.

Anonymous said...

Everythings a done deal, especially when the LTDA say so!
Now where's my poodle? Oh there he is, he's hiding behind his orange box ��

Anonymous said...

To all taxi organisations. You laid down and let TfL rub your bellies in 2012.
It set a precedent

DMS0001 said...

CoL & TFl are proven liars, in fact multiple proven liars. they have shown time and time again that their word is not worth the air they use, whilst emanating them.

in a criminal court of law, their words would mean zilch, especially after the numerous examples of deciet.

in a court of law, they would be declared an unreliable, untruthful, discredited witness.

Don't believe a word they emanate, after speaking them, they possibly returned to their tax payer funded offices, to decide how they would stab taxi drivers & many others in the back, heart, chest, in fact anywhere any where they could.

Words are cheap and that lot are the kings of cheapness, willing to caste aside anything in their quest for ever lowering standards in all things. Kings of cheapness until it's their own comforts, then no expense spared, Giuldhall, TFL offices anyone?

they will conspire with each other to find reasons, excuses, anything, including, straight faced refusal to prevent us having access. Seeing is believeing, i shall wait, watch, as actions speak louder than words.

Don't forget they shut Shoe LAne, etc at behest of GS, the betrayers of the British people, whilst proviiding the funding. COL didn't exactly shout a declaration of outside influence did they. it had to be dug out by some one else. yes, this is the type of people, making promises, pretending their word is their bond, Lol!

yet, none of them have ever allowed a presecution of those banks responsible for the 2008 debacle, which includes many who have made contributions to CoL, TFL.

I'd like them to keep to their words, but, i shall put a bet on them not doing so & using some mealy mouthed excuse not to.

well done to those who fought them on this. it's appreciated & supported by many of us. it's a shame we have to deal with such ruthless, deplorable, immoral, unethical, vile, odious people.

Anonymous said...

Yeah . You can rely on the City of London to be good for their word.
They really do epitomise a trustworthy and honourable organisation . Just like TFL really.
It makes perfect sense to abandon all protests on all issues as soon as somenoe says they are goint to have a look at it at some point in the future.

Anonymous said...

How about a mass pic nic in Hyde park ?????

Anonymous said...

Public Inquiry into TFL is the only way to expose corruption. Flash demo on Tuesday would help

martyn oakley said...

i think you need to some how make the wider public know about theses plans i work in the brewery tech services industry and spend a great deal of time in the city mainly sitting in traffic and avoiding the empty dangerously driven buses when i mention the bank junction closures to accounts i visit they have know idea what is being planned it doesn't just affect you guys it affects everyone that has the misfortune to drive in london

Anonymous said...

If we are smart we could have our own flash demo on Tuesday and send our own message to the media.
If others are protesting on the same day we might actually get something reported?

Anonymous said...

I'mFlash Mob demo on the 28th is what we need; word of mouth at the last minute... No solidarity with PH, a Licenced Taxi demo is required regardless of the views of the trades conscientious objectors!

Anonymous said...

Flash mob demo, are you serious ?
The way the trade is at the moment and without the orgs involvement,
you'd be lucky to fill a phone box key alone Blick up London.

Most of the drivers on here shouting about the suspension of the bank demos,
Never turn up, they go to golf or head for the airport
It's the same few hardened drivers who turn up demo after demo

And even their numbers are dropping off.

With the publicity from the main Taxi media, you'll have trouble blocking one bridge key along all the bridges.
Try London, it's always blocked anyway, trouble is no one would notice you where demoing , you'd do more harm than good

Flash Demo lol said...

Remember the flash demo at the Hilton at the rugby awards when they put a raffle prise Range Rover on the rank and told us we had to use only Hamilton Place rank

Drivers were screaming that we were stopping them working. And there was near violence from drivers servicing the rank who " just wanted to work"

Probably the same lot complaining about the Bank Junction suspension of action. And anon you're so right, it's the golfers and the airport faces screaming the loudest. Look at their profile on face book or twitter, most never been on a demo

Anonymous said...

And on it goes. Blah, blah, blah, blah. Even the clock's stopped now. Too late folks. Even if we manage to save this trade by name, we've let it slip as a profession. Bravado and passion are great, but they don't pay the mortgage unfortunately. Five fu**ing years we've had to stop this mob, and wonder why we are making no viable headway now. You won't find a more enthusiastic rally caller than me, but be fair, there comes a point when ever I have to stop kidding myself. So frustrating. So unnecessary. So sad. Such bad self management. It didn't have to be this way.

Anonymous said...

Why dont ITA do a poll on twitter. Flash demos on tuesday TFL Public Inquity Yes or No?

Anonymous said...

You're right mate,lot of conscientious objectors gobbing off on here. There's an under current to try and deter cab drivers from taking part on the 28th all of TFLs fifth columist filth are working overtime wearing their computer keyboards out. I reckon some of the comments on here ate TFL... Delete the negative ones Jim, ots obviously TFL propaganda!

lee ward said...

We have arranged demos across the country to ask for a public inquiry into TfL.

Tuesday 28th, the day the trade stood still....

Editorial said...

Lee, this is a news blog not an org
We do not arrange demos

You should be addressing your calm for action to the LTDA, LCDC, UCG, RMT, ITA and Unite
They organise trade demos, we just report in them

Anonymous said...

Its a shame that ALL of those orgs seem to have so far ignored the National Day of Protest Jim.

TAXI orgs in Liverpool, Cardiff, Leeds, Sheffield, Brighton, Derby, Yorks, and more have confirmed action.
PH and Joint Taxi/PH orgs are also supporting the call for a Public Inquiry into TFL in towns and cities across UK.

I wonder how many London drivers will protest regardless of the orgs?

The olden said...

In a different age, the words probity integrity and fair mindedness were synonymous with government, councils, regulators and administrative bodies, but somehow the opposite is now true. Almost anything goes, the phrase 'my word is my bond'a long ago description of the dealings in the City of London has become laughable, buried underneath a mountain of self interest and corporate greed. Until we understand and accept that the powers to be intend to extinguish and obliterate us from this fair city and replace us with a banana state company whose ruthlessness nos no bounds, we cannot move forward. Only complete unity and consolidation of 100% of the trade will give us any chance of survival. Let us remember the then british PM,Neville Chamberlain who came back from Germany in 1938 waving a silly piece of paper from Hitler promising an end to aggression in Europe, only to invade Poland a year later and start the second world war. The promises we have been sold time and time again are empty,false alarm and mean nothing. Surely now with nothing whatsoever to loose,we should intensify our action and save our noble trade

lee ward said...


Sorry if you think I overstepped a mark by stating that protests are being arranged, it was not my intention, I assure you.

I have reached out to most of the Orgs that you have mentioned and been flatly declined because Private Hire are in the mix of protesters.

This I believe is a narrow minded approach to what affects us all nationally, lets deal with this issue together and then go back to the them and us scenario, the saying is better the devil you know lol

Again, I am sorry if my comment caused issues or concerns, I assure you it was not meant that way, I respect all that you do with this blog and wish in no way to upset the boat that you sail.

Anonymous said...

Wardy, for what it's worth pal,and I speak for nobody other than myself, you have no need to apologise mate. Your tenacity, spunk, passion and commitment are a credit to you. If three quarters of the London Taxi Trade had what you've got, we wouldn't be in the ludicrous position the world sees us in today. I half understand our trade's reluctance to stand shoulder to shoulder with the Private Hire Trade, it goes against everything we have ever trained for. But that said, I also totally understand your logic when you suggest we all stick together to beat the common enemy. Semtex sitting on the fence ? It seems I am on this occasion, yes. It's a difficult brief and a difficult call this time. Personally, I think we are in terminal trouble in the Big Smoke, but the fight must continue. Your posts are always well constructed and make good reading Lee, and I hope you continue to write them. As I say, these comments are my own opinion of Lee Ward, but give me that man to stand back to back with any day of the week, rather than thousands of the spineless short sighted morons that have watched stood back and watched our Great London Trade crumble. To watch you publicly apologise for your show of figh back and tenacious unity makes me feel sick. You shouldn't have to do it. I would pick you for me assault team every single time pal.
God bless mate. Keep punching and be lucky. It's a privilege to call you a trade ally and personal friend. I only wish circumstances were different.


Anonymous said...

Much respect to Lee Ward, he has done an enormous amount of good work that the Licensed Taxi trade in London have profited from. Lee, there is no need to apologise for being positive and pro-active - Your abundance of ability to organise makes the licensed trade org's in London and others look lilly livered and totally pathetic. As for the average Licensed Taxi driver being narrow minded you are spot on; most couldn't find their arses with both hands, which is why they pay £15 per month for egotists to tell them from their orange boxes what they need to hear. I wish you well Lee.

London Green Badge 37 years