Saturday, February 11, 2017

Operation Watch TfL Update : Operation Neon....Tactical Or Political, Truth Or Myth.

So, Operation neon's main purpose was supposed to be -to disrupt and deter touting and illegal plying for hire- 
Every driver I've spoken to, who'd asked COs (when in the process of a badge and Bill check) why they were concentrating on Taxi drivers and not tackling illegally touting of Private hire cars parked, double parked, blocking access to Taxi ranks, sitting on Taxi ranks etc... they'd reply we've been told to do badge and Bill only. 

I spoke to four TfL staff myself, two uniformed and two in plain cloths in Praed Street. I asked them why they were only dealing with Taxi drivers outside the Paddington Hilton, when London Street was awash with PH cars. Some of the minicab drivers were openly touting on the slope up to Praed Street. 

They said they'd only been told to deal with Taxi drivers.

I told them I was going back to my Taxi (which was parked in Winsland Street) and get my camera to record their operation and would ask them again, why just Taxis? 

I then watched them hurriedly walk round into London Street and get into a dark blue Ford Galaxy (displaying TfL roundels?) and disappear in the direction of South Wharf Road.  

For some time, we at Taxi Leaks have believed this whole situation is more than just lack of appetite, we've always felt it was more likely to be political. 

After reading the head of compliance's Linkedin profile, it's obvious we were right.....and this is political.

Anand Nandha
Strategic and results focussed individual with over 10 years experience at Senior Manager level, leading large and politically charged operational departments of up to 320 staff.

Lead the Taxi & Private Hire Compliance operation of c90 staff to tackle illegal activity and improve compliance within the Taxi & Private Hire trades in London. 
Manage stakeholder relationships within a highly political and sensitive environment.

            This weeks compliance driver sightings 


Anonymous said...

Nice Jim, nailed it!
Now tweet an re-tweet... Give Nandha his his worst nightmare; he is embarrassed that he holds office that he has no control over. #politicalflunky

The olden said...

How much longer are we going to be used as some form of political punchbag and a vehicle for others career aspirations surely the time is coming for a significant response before the mountain becomes insurmountable

Anonymous said...

it's because we are kicking off about bank and reporting about all the buses and traffic and TFLs complete shambles of traffic schemes.It's a vendetta to try and shut us up.Also more double yellow lines into waterloo to stop cabs and waiting space for Uber at drop off!!!!

Anonymous said...

Taxi drivers are easy targets because you all earnt your badges you don't want no fuss. It clear compliance are frightened or don't know how to deal with PH and don't want any confrontation so the whole budget should be handed to the police! My brother in law as been badged and billed about 3 times in recent weeks, it's no problem but how many have they checked with PH!!

Anonymous said...

who appointed Anand Nandha and what is the REMIT, that he was given?

Anonymous said...

Shysters at TfL are all making their LinkedIn accounts private over night. Nice article Jim, cant imagine what they are trying to hide lol