Sunday, February 19, 2017

Italian Cabbies On Strike, Until The Senate Reverses Rule Change...By Rosaria Tavernese

The situation is very serious, the Democratic Party here has allegedly been corrupted by UBER funding the campaign of Prime Minister Renzi.

In Italy there is no more UberX,  but there is only Uberblack.
We sued UBER once (UberX) and we won.
Next month there would be another case, this time against Uberblack.

Three days ago, the government brought into parliament a new law that allows Ubetblack to be able Tooley for hire and take clients off the street (now banned but tolerated).

This new rule has been brought in by parliament, who said it was an extension of the old law, which it was now changing. 

Some MPs were warned by us drivers. When they realised what the Democratic Party was doing to the law, they got angry. Unfortunately the amendment was approved in the Senate. 

All Taxi drivers in Milan and Rome have begun an indefinite strike. 

There has been no taxi service since February 16 and the strike continued today. The government has promised that it will convene on Tuesday, February 21st and meet trade unions. We will not give up and the strike will be indefinite until they are guaranteed our rights. 

Allegedly, the press has been paid by UBER to continue to write articles against us, but we have had much support from the public telling us that they are with us and not with Uber.

Tuesday all taxi drivers in Italy will be in Rome, for a mass protest and we will not go away until the law is changed back.

United we win #deleteuber
Meanwhile uber are activating surge pricing and a trip for €50 recently coming to €600.

Greed Is Good ???
The surge pricing is doing their case a disservice, as the public will soon realise what will happen if our tradition Taxi services are gone for good .
Everyone will understand that without official rates, UBER is just scam!


Jose Pablos said...

We are the resistance against this criminal Travis scam
And we know that this bubble has to burst
We endorse you guys; because here in America there are many cabbies that won't give up

Richard Mitchell said...

I wish the drivers here in America had this sort of tenacity.

Rosaria said...

we have nothing to lose! you go to death or you win! many .. we will be more than 10,000 taxi drivers in Rome on Tuesday

Emma Martin said...

We are right behind you over here in London the situation is just as corrupt! We'll be doing more demos for the whole of March! 🙋🏻

Anonymous said...

Well done those Italian cab drivers.
Remember governments are put there
To serve the people...
Not to take bribes and put local
People out of work..
Let's get rid of this uber scum

Anonymous said...

This'll be interesting.

The_LCDC said...

We are in full support of our brothers in arms

Anonymous said...

Sounds great! Wish we would do the same!