Tuesday, February 28, 2017

It Could Only Happen In An Uber, Passenger Taken To Croydon Via Bristol...Then Charged £440

Uber passenger in London taken home via BRISTOL on £440, 240-mile trip that should have cost just £20

A MAN hoping to nip home to Croydon from Brixton ended up travelling via Bristol and was charged £440.

In a journey which should take about 30 minutes and cost about £20, Aaron Wray was in an Uber for five hours and 21 minutes after falling asleep.

Aaron Wray was shocked to wake up and discover he had been taken to Bristol

The journey took more than five hours and cost more than £400
Boozed Aaron Wray, 18, fell asleep and woke as he was heading back to the capital on the M4.

He said: “My phone was dead so I just had to sit there. I tried to ask the driver but he couldn’t really speak English. I have no memory of it stopping and I didn’t get out of the car.”

He went on a round trip of 240 miles in a journey which is only just under eight miles – and he insists he didn’t enter the wrong address into the app.

The computer science student insists the driver confirmed their postcode when he got in and believes a Bristol address was then mistakenly added. However Uber claimed the original destination was input as Bristol — where Aaron goes to university — and the driver eventually turned round after arriving at the wrong address.

Aaron only realised he had been to Bristol and back when he got his £467 receipt, which a pal later posted online. He said: “I got home at about 8am or 9am. It was all my money for a month gone. I was furious.”

The pal shared a conversation she had with him following the adventure in which he said he had woken up with two hours left of the journey.


colin said...

And he want's sympathy,he got what he deserves & will still continue using them.

Anonymous said...

You pay your money you take your chance....wonder if he deleted the app( probably not) a sucker for grief no doubt!

Anonymous said...

And still they use them!!

United Minicabs & Taxis said...


Anonymous said...

If he was so pissed he fell asleep all the way to Bristol, then quote frankly, tough luck. Uber are crap, but this story is a bit moody in my opinion.