Sunday, February 05, 2017

Driver Observed Compliance Statistics For Saturday 04/02/17

We can't get Compliance to do their job properly in Central London. You got no chance over in Southend!

Compliance Statistics For Saturday
As you can see, a complete abandonment of the travelling public by TFL. Strangers jumping into strangers cars. 

Congratulations to Paul Coghlan for his video below, which has inspired an operation neon team of 8 compliance officers to mount a presents in Shoreditch. Unfortunately, said officers were seen by drivers walking around aimlessly.



Winston Smith said...

One of the reasons TfL canvassed for Uber (Don't deny it TFL, we have the Dear Jo email etc) was that they saw it as a cure for the touting problem.

Demonstrates how little they knew about the Cab Trade and the touts, all they created was 'the alibi of the apps' so if pulled the PH driver can say it's a booking, there must be confusion, touting is worse than ever, it's just more difficult to detect, especially when the new CO's are in effect London's latest Cafe society!

That's also another reason why drivers must have good English skills, so they can understand TfL notices, legislation and be able to undestand matters coherently, of course that will only be partly effective as these cars are ''trebled teamed' with only one driver being licensed, of course if TFL insisted on meaningful pre booking, telephone contacts etc all in fact in the law that might help,

We now have the intolerable situation of TFL licensed vehicles illegally taking bookings outside their area, TFL please read the CBH debate In Hansard TFL for what parliament actually intended yet you again allow the 'alibi of the app' to give you another excuse for inertia, we don't have National PH rules so don't second guess the will of the people by stealth implementation no matter how you may be egged on by those above.

Allegedly (in shades of George Orwell's 1984) senior managers at TFL are stating they will revoke licenses of those who criticise them.
Well as a free citizens in this so called democracy be assured that we will continue to hold you to account along with the politicians who promise a lot to claim a vote.

Can I suggest you get on with you job of protecting the public and enforcing the law, here, Southend! Horley or Egham,, if you can't do it let us all know so we can get someone else in.

Anonymous said...

where can I hang around for 5 seconds, let alone 5 minutes. and not get a Parking Ticket?