Saturday, February 04, 2017

Daily Compliance Statistics 03/02/17 From Drive Observations ... By Gerald Coba

Still taken from the Londonist Video.
Compliance officer, insisting a driver remove a transparent rear screen sticker.
Reason given...its blocking the view from your rear view mirror.
Question to CO Steve Ibbotson, should we now remove all the Credit Card Readers that are affixed to the Taxi partition completely blocking our view from the rear view mirror ?

Or is there one rule for us, and another rule for TfL?

      STATISTICS FRIDAY 03/02/17


Going back to the Rugby World Cup, not one report of a stop note issued to any of the RugbtLee Vans for having illegal signage. Apparently they were informed by TfL to remove the signage, but Addison Lee refused and the Vans carried on till the end of the tournament.
When asked what action was taken against PH company Addisn Lee for refusing to comply, Taxi Leaks was informed that TfL decided to take NO ACTION AGAINST THE COMPANY.


Kenny said...

Was behind a merc yesterday who had blacked out rear window, if you strained your eyes you could just make out his roundel, I had a look at his front when I overtaken him and he had a tinted visar, and you could just see the bottom half of his front roundel, surely this is illegal ?

Semtex said...

Compliance my arse. They couldn't comply Highbury Corner. Jumped up traffic warden, low paid bottom feeders. Sent out to impede and harass the most professional taxi drivers on the planet. They give proper compliance teams a bad name, these scruffy worthless imposters.
They want compliance ? I will show them compliance. No results-no wages. First month free. I bet I could achieve more than 50 of them cowboys on my own.

Anonymous said...

What a joke. Legally, if a vehicle is fitted with an offside & rearside external mirror (wing or door) then it doesn't even require an internal rear view mirror. - think of a van with solid rear doors.
You people are being picked on by fools...

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