Friday, February 03, 2017

Daily Compliance Statistics 02/02/17 From Drive Observations ... By Gerald Coba

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Exstemely rare photo of compliance team (Emma and Steve), asking a minicab driver if he wouldn't mind moving off the Taxi rank.

Compliance Driver Sightings For Thursday 02/02/17.

When asked why they concentrate on Licensed Hackney Carriage Taxis, TfL COs reply, "That's all we've been told to do". 

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lee ward said...

We have the opposite in Sheffield, they work hard on the PHV tier of the industry, because its easier for them to get results.

However, ask them to concentrate on the vehicles that are PHV working in Sheffield and the answer is... what can we do?

Sorry guys, but its your duty to treat each and every tier equally, you see them, then check them....

We, the ones who are licensed correctly, abide by the conditions and Laws are really getting fed up of this targeting simply because we work under a set legislation and therefore an easy target, You can only push a broken man so far before he snaps...

Thats a friendly, honest and justified word of warning.

It may be from me, but the rest of the honest trade will back it, I am sure.