Saturday, February 18, 2017


A National Day of Protest by Taxi and Private Hire Drivers is being organised for Tuesday 28th February calling for an urgent Public Inquiry into Transport For London  who have issued thousands of Private Hire Licenses to Uber drivers without proper background checks, with fake insurance or medical certificates, who then operate unlawfully throughout the UK.

Many drivers in towns and cities across the country are frustrated that their Local Authorities seem to be powerless to take action to stop illegal Uber Drivers improperly licensed by Transport for London.

It is thought that local protests in many areas will be organised independently and these will  be set up to happen on one day, Tuesday 28th February to maximise impact and media coverage.

Throughout the UK thousands of unregulated  Uber drivers have been improperly licensed by Transport for London and are operating illegally, putting the Public at risk. 
Customers personal security is compromised and road users are exposed to dangerous driving and accidents causing serious injuries and deaths.

Towns and Cities are gridlocked with congestion which is causing toxic air pollution (putting drivers, cyclists and pedestrians at risk) which has increased because Transport for London have issued thousands of Private Hire Licenses to Uber drivers without proper background, medical or insurance, checks who then operate illegally throughout the UK, ignoring traffic regulations and road signs causing accidents and traffic chaos.

TFL have made many improper decisions in relation to Taxis and Private Hire including the issuance of 2500 Private Hire Licenses each month without proper checks and the London Taxi Age limit and previous failed emissions strategies which have not complied with Public Law.

TFL is  a Public body who receive £11 billion a year in taxpayers money yet are accountable to no one;

There is an urgent need for a Public Inquiry to expose the improper decisions which do not comply with Public Law and have resulted in injuries and deaths. There should be an immediate suspension of TFL Private Hire License Applications and the Uber Operators License pending that Public Inquiry.

This petition will be delivered to:

Prime minister Theresa May 

 Chris Grayling MP





The worst part is that we are no longer shocked, just amazed that people still use them to save a few pounds.

Alan Fisher, Editor Call Sign Taxi Magazine.


Anonymous said...

Groups of drivers in towns and cities across the UK are organising their own protests to take place on Feb 28th.
This is NATIONAL so it will be hard for the media and politicians to ignore.

Wake up cabbies said...

Block bridges airports TfL offices stop London for a week cost them money it's the only thing these discusting people understand

Anonymous said...

hi Alan - here's the two-penneth that I added, when I signed your petition:

lines of empty Licenced Taxis are now standing empty, because a rediculously unlevel playing field has been allowed by tfl to develop & escalate

Anonymous said...

About time tfl your time has come bring it on

Anonymous said...

I don't want to be doom and gloom, but I need to be, if I am to be honest. This will be a failure due to apathy from taxi drivers. If you can't get anywhere near a decent turnout amongst your local colleagues, then what chance of getting complete strangers in another part of the country to turn out? The poor turnout will only strengthen the position of our opponents.

Yet another petition will achieve nothing. Do you think you are bringing your concerns to a completely unaware establishment? They know what is happening. If they were voluntarily going to do something to help us it would of already been done. They will act only when they are FORCED to act. A petition to add to the previous dozen will achieve nothing.

The only glimmer of hope came with the daily protests which were building up steam. Success brings more support. More support brings more success. Then it is unstoppable and opposition crumbles. Unfortunately the momentum was lost when they took us for gullible suckers and got the protests suspended pending talks AGAIN. They were right. Now it is even harder to get people motivated. If I haven't explained this very well, just watch Ice Cold in Alex when they try to reverse the wagon up the dune with the cranking handle.

London will need to lead the way. If London can force change then others will join. The usual few motivated people need to start again, persevere, and take the burden that others should share, until numbers build. It would be good if those that bear the burden from the start could be the ones that gain the most, but this is not the way it works. You just have to get on with it. Then, hopefully we won't be suckers again. Please not again!

I hope I am wrong. I would love it if I was wrong. But you just remember this comment, as I will.

Anonymous said...

It is always the people who are doing nothing themselves who are most critical of those that are.

Those who cannot understand the basic concept that the only way to expose TFL is with a national effort from Taxi and PH drivers deserve where they will be in a few months.

They don't seem to understand that elsewhere in the UK many drivers can hold both a Taxi and PH badge and the orgs represent both.

It is not the case that you are supporting their cause , more that they are supporting yours.

Those who make negative comments without proper understanding or even bothering to read all of the facts are a lost cause.

Their narrow minded blinkered self interested view of the world and this situation is the very reason that TFL have got away with utter corruption for so long.

Anonymous said...

sitting on waterloo last night about 20.00 hrs waited nearly an hour for a ten pound job,got talking to the driver behind me,asked aboutthe demo next week [ i,d just returned after 5 weeks in asia]he said "let them get on with it"doubtless these scabs have a good day when theres a demo on,what chance have we got?

Anonymous said...

It is not scabs who are protesting.
It is mainly Taxi Drivers backed by some Legitimate PH drivers who have also suffered because of the corrupt TFL and Uber drivers taking their work.

This protest is not by Uber drivers , is not supported by them and they will not benefit from it.

The only people who will benefit is those who wish to see the corrupt TFL exposed.