Monday, February 20, 2017

#BrothersInArms Update On Italian Cabby Strike. By Rosaria Tavernese

Hi Mates, another day of strike !! it will be again tomorrow and then leave from Milan, Turin, Genoa, Bologna, Naples to Rome! 

Tuesday will be the first meeting with the Minister of Transport, and we want everyone to understand whether the change of the infamous law will be removed.

 UBER wants to be able to invade the big cities and have a monopoly. Our strike is going well, in the two big cities of Milan and Rome. 

UBER of course these days is doing a roaring trade, but we are also seeing that without the towns taxis other trades are being affected badly. Last Saturday night customers from restaurants pubs and clubs were having trouble getting home ! Uber surging X12

Also problems have been reported at stations and airports. 

We have guaranteed a free service to the sick, the elderly and women with children. 

Tomorrow New Updates! thanks for your support



Corrigan Roy said...

Brilliant and well done. Hope you can keep it up until you get the desired outcome! And we, here in London, are all really looking forward to seeing what happens :)

Anonymous said...

Stick at it.

Anonymous said...

why aren't we doing the same in London - NOW?

Anonymous said...

"why aren't we doing the same in London - NOW?"