Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Bromsgrove Councillor Slams District Council's Decision To Refuse Policy Making Taxis Wheelchair Accessible

A BROMSGROVE councillor has slammed the district council’s decision to refuse a policy making all taxis in the town wheelchair accessible.

Following a year-long consultation members of the council’s Licensing Committee decided there was no evidence to make all licensed taxis across the district wheelchair accessible.

Instead the committee decided the 13 already wheelchair accessible taxis (seven Hackney Carriages and six private hire vehicles) be promoted more prominently.

Coun Christine McDonald, who represents Rubery South, said Bromsgrove District Council ‘needed to bring itself into the 21st century’ and ‘remove such unwanted needless discrimination against the disabled.’

“I was embarrassed to be a member of Bromsgrove District Council when it refused a policy to ensure all New Hackney Cabs would over a ten year period become wheelchair accessible.

“It is absolutely deplorable that a council condones such discrimination against the disabled.

“While neighbouring authorities have all brought in policies that all New Hackney Cabs have to be wheelchair accessible, Bromsgrove has refused to do the same.

“This is clear discrimination and I am sure if one of the councillors used a wheelchair it would be a different story.

“Anyone using a wheelchair knows how difficult it is in Bromsgrove to get hold of a taxi that is wheelchair compliant.”

Committee Chairman Coun Rita Dent, said: “While the outcome was that members were not satisfied there was sufficient evidence to support amending the council’s policy the outcome to promote the right taxis to meet our residents’ needs was really positive.

“We are now planning our promotional campaign

Meanwhile, back in TfL's London....


Dear Tanni and Alice, please tell us how this lady is going to access the Bank Junction when the Taxi exclusion kicks in ?


Unknown said...

The Problem is that most disabled in city center areas where cabs work from dont use black cabs they use private hire , cabs go on meter and it can take some people along time to get in and out of the cab hence large bills .

The cost of the new euro six engine/new cabs 50.000 will put a lot of cab drivers out of bussiness in bromsgrove there is no need for all cabs to be disabled friendly

a wise choice ..even the council use ring and ride in birmingham for all schools

wise choice

Anonymous said...

You are a proper London cabbie we won't start the metre until the disable passenger is safely in the cab and the cab is ready to start the journey and the same on arrival the moment the cab stops the metre stops , to be more precise we don't descriminate against disable people.get your fact right,

David Davis said...

Hand goes out
Light goes on
That's a proper cabbie