Monday, February 20, 2017

Better To Have An Enemy Who Slaps Your Face, Than A Friend Who Stabs You In The Back... By DMS0001

Why ask us if it's time to play dirty? Haven't the powers that be (PTB) been playing dirty since the advent of that fashionable app appeared on the desk of the then mayor johnson, continued on the path of subversion, by the Khant mayor!

With all this, some cannot see that the British state has always excreted over the working people of this nation, the working class especially, has felt the never ending BS of state mechanisms, telling us how wonderful it's all going to be, whilst clandestinely conspiring to excrete over us all. it's been doing it to the taxi trade, since I entered it in 1977 & still continuing the time honoured tradition.

They have insulted, abused, mocked us, used their various methods to demoralise us (which has failed), used every trick they have in their manual. Even resorting to biased enforcement, threats to drivers, & their Taxis, all under the guise of enforcement.

For years those charged with administering us, have been requested to allow us to alter some aspects of our trade to make it better for us and customers, we were always constantly,abruptly refused. yet they bend over backwards, jump as high as they're told to for others, who are mere amateurs, just entering a ready made market for their sole exploitation. It was our ready made market they entered, as well as the minicabs.

Unfairly undercutting us, via tax credits, housing benefits, paid for out of our taxes! Coupled with holding us rigidly to the regs in a straight jacket of every aspect of our trade, leaving us unable to compete with the competition. All whilst enjoying secret personal meetings, intimate phone calls, with corporates to discuss the future of our trade. it's like Lobbying in reverse, paid for by you and me, if you reside in London as I do, then I'm paying even more to let these abhorrent, appalling people do what they do.

It's not a free market, nor a level playing field. you know those words they use against you, when ever you have some comment on such situations. it's all total BS from their pompous, lying vile fat ugly gobs. we're in a rigged, unlevel playing field, rigged by those pretending to be fair, believing in equality, yet, practising exactly the opposite, whilst BSing, whining, bleating on how they despise Trumps position. At least he does the best for the American people, unlike this odious, disgusting mob at TFL, mayors offices, who really do the best for them and their friends, in my opinion.

No, i see no fairness in what the PTB have done nor the dodgy app suppliers or their dodgy you know the names of them financiers. So why the hell are we playing fair.

They made the rules, we are compelled to play the game, so why play the game on their terms? 
Change the terms and force them to comply with us on our terms. the fight will have to get a lot dirtier, before they give up, as they believe all they have to do is hang on and wait for us and whats left of the minicab fraternity collapse completely.

You've got nothing to loose, as they attempt to take what's left away from you, don't be polite to them, whilst they shaft & laugh at us.

Set aside everything i have previously said and consider this. It's not only our trade they destroy, when they do this BS. They are ripping the excrement out of Londoners, as they will be left with nothing but the app supplier and some other competitor.

They'll allow a competitor, as they need to show there's competition in the market. They will be the sole suppliers and in control of the price of that supply. yes, i've heard the BS from some of those soppy memebrs of public that state, the mayor can get others to do the job if there are problems. history shows this doesn't always happen and not always allowed to. They will rip the nuts out of Londoners, exploit it to the very upmost. 

They'll allow a competitor, as they need to show there's competition in the market. They will be the sole suppliers and in control of the price of that supply. Yes, i've heard the BS from some of those soppy memebrs of public that state, the mayor can get others to do the job if there are problems. history shows this doesn't always happen & not always allowed to. They will rip the nuts out of Londoners, exploit it to the very upmost.

Yeah, i'm going to buy a 48k electric vehicle, with all the overheads,responsibilities for the passengers, expenses, taxes, & anything else i forgot to put here. I believe just the Tax, on a new vehicle is £6000. That's with out the other taxes they beat us with for a new vehicle. Like hell am i doing that again for the small return we get, whilst doing the job. They can shove it right where ever the most painful place is. In fact, if they haven't got the bottle to put it there, i'll be happy to do it for them.

Let's not play fair, lets play rough. Lets tell the world how the Mayor, Daniels and their motley crew of little helpers are destroying the most effective, taxi trade they will ever have. Make Khans name synonymous with destruction of good things. Because he's worth it!

As Goebbels said, “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. So let's continue to tell the truth, as truth needs no defending.


Anonymous said...

Another great post, and our colleague DMS0001 clearly portrays the anguish we all feel. There are absolutely NO choices left for us now folks. If we don't fight hard and dirty now, the game that we all worked so hard to train for, will be a token sprinkling of tourist attractions. Just like the Panda bears in London Zoo.
Listen to what DMS0001 says. No more Mr Nice Guy from us. He's right. Absolutely 100% right. Let's hear the London Taxi Trade's mighty roar folks. They've pushed us too far this time.

lee ward said...

This trade has evolved, FACT.
But we as a trade have to fight together to win back what was rightfully ours and to do that both Hackney and Private Hire have to work together.
Hackney drivers across the country are sat on ranks watching PHV pull up, get a customer and drive off, sometimes legally booked through an App, sometimes by Plying for Hire.
The division of some people between Hackney and PHV is going to be their own downfall, mark my words.
Yes, I am a PHV Driver from Sheffield, and Yes, I respect the Hackney Drivers of London who have gone above and beyond to gain a worldwide known qualification of The Knowledge, my respect for you I could not put into words no matter how much I try.
Then, when the country is united in fighting the blight, or even cancer that we know as Uber and our elected Government who do nothing about this tax avoiding, authority manipulating, worldwide trade destructing company, we have both Hackney drivers and some Hackney Organisations pull out the Two Tier Card and cause disruption.
That card that’s been pulled will win one hand, and one hand only, and that’s your death in this industry, oh sure, a few will be kept going for the benefit of the tourists just like the famous Trams at Blackpool.
United in this cause is the only true way to get the message across, even if each area has a different problem, and that message needs to be heard, by being united that message WILL get to where it needs to be.
PHV are not the Hackneys enemy no more than Hackneys are the PHV’s enemy, the enemy is Uber and the Authorities who chose to ignore what Uber do because they hear of the billions of dollars that they have, nothing more, nothing less.
The Authorities will just continue to bully the individual tax paying self-employed man because they can, the bigger companies are becoming untouchable.
America had this years ago with the Truck Drivers until a man named Jimmy Hoffa came along and made the Teamsters…. Well this time, we don’t need any one man to make us a Team, we just need all of the current Orgs to realise that the issue is across the country and not just locally.
Fight the issue, win the issue, then go back to the original them and us battleground, I am happy with that, but to be divided now, well, we have no chance…may as well face it.
Any Org that thinks that this is a PH issue/fight and not a TRADE issue/fight then you are not worthy of the position that you have, feel free to contact me and I will explain it to you face to face if you have difficulty digesting what I am saying. I at least, am here for the trade and with no bias until this fight is won.

Anonymous said...

don't worry folks

oddy, mac and massett, are doing just great