Saturday, February 25, 2017

A Chance To Scrap LBHF 20mph Scheme And Stop More Speed Humps.... By Brian Mooney

Briefly. When I 'signed off' last year, I didn't expect there to be an early opportunity to stop the near borough-wide 20mph speed limits that LB Hammersmith & Fulham (LBHF) has been bent on imposing.

There may be doubts in high places on the Council, as interestingly we've found that the 'traffic order' is only 'experimental' and can be reversed.

But we have only until 4 March to lodge objections. LBHF has been very quiet about how you can assert your rights on that!

To keep this note short, this page gives how to do so, with some potted arguments in case the consultation isn't fresh in your mind:

Any help in objecting and getting help from like-minded people would be
appreciated, please.

If the scheme is not scrapped, there is solid evidence that LBHF will also be eying 'enforcement measures' (more speed humps? cameras even?) at our expense. 

With my best wishes,
Brian Mooney
'No to 20mph'


Anonymous said...

surveys around SPEED HUMPS have shown an extra 29% in Pollution, as cars brake & speed-up
also, the 20mph zones are creating, massive pollution, as does the Congestion caused by the CSH

london_boy said...

Didn't the London ambulance service also say that speed humps are putting there patients lifes at risk ,

colin said...

seems to me you don't have to do 20 in the bus lane,well it's not marked???