Thursday, January 26, 2017

York Council Relaxes Regulation To Suit Uber, Taxi Drives To Demonstrate at Council's Offices.

Taxi drivers to stage anti-Uber protest in York at 5pm tonight.

TAXI drivers are planning to gather outside a city council meeting to protest against rule changes which they say will lower standards in the city.

GMB, the trade union for taxi and private hire drivers in York, is holding a rally outside City of York Council’s West Office jus before the meeting due to start at 5.30pm.

Members are angry that Uber drivers will be allowed to display just a web address, and not a telephone number, on the side of their cars. A telephone number has been mandatory for years and drivers say they are outraged that the change was made without consulting them.

York private hire driver Terry Osborne said: “For as long as I can remember our vehicles have had to have a number on the side for safety reasons.

"If somebody’s mother or father wanted to know if their son or daughter was on their journey home, perhaps stuck in traffic, they could simply ring the taxi or private hire company who would radio through to the driver and reassure them of their children’s safety.

"Now you would have to email somewhere abroad and we have examples of emails not being answered until the next day.”

Mr Osborne added: “I’ve known drivers be declined a licence because the telephone number wasn’t displayed and suddenly Uber come along and standards drop.”

The meeting will see the council’s ruling executive decide whether to adopt new licensing policy


lee ward said...

Will the GMB take this all the way to court and close Uber down in York, or are they more I terested in gaining Uber members ?

Mixed messages....

Fazed 02 said...

Nearly correct. The rules already have been relaxed, just over a year ago. What we are protesting about is the council failing to abide by their own rules and regulations - the decision to remove the phone number requirement should have been consulted upon and put to a vote. Instead, a member of the council (who has since disapeared, presumably to the Maldives for an extended vacation?) decided to change the rules at the request of uber who didn't even have a licence at that time. I suspect there may have been Brown envelopes involved.

Anonymous said...

This does not supprise I have been told today as of 1/04/2017 the Knolwedge of London is going to be changed and will be Cutting back on Knolwedge of London examiners Not good

Andy Ford FB said...

They've already changed the rules here on Merseyside just for Uber. PH Don't need a telephone number anymore up here.

Thefat Girl said...

The trouble these licensing authorities have is if they don't play ball with Uber and change regulation to suit them, drivers will get licenced elsewhere, and because of deregulation they will work in their area anyway.
TFL have let the Taxi trade, the legitimate PH trade and the public down in a shocking way with the sale of these licences to sex offenders and criminals and they rest of the country's regulation bodies have no choice but to follow them.
These local authorities/licensing bodies see the sale of licences as a cash cow. It's a simple choice either they get the money or another licensing authority does, but if these drivers are working on our streets we might as well have they money!
Banning Uber has to, be countrywide, and we have to put a stop to cross border hiring and deregulation.

Anonymous said...

if anon 3:03 pm is correct & just confirming, what my eyes are telling me, has already happened, then it''s just another nail in our coffin - another prong of tfl's, multi-prong armoury, that they're using to fulfill their agenda, to destroy us

Anonymous said...

I always thought local councils were voted in by local people to look after the area which applies.
There not there to undermine local trade and industries by letting offshore corporations move in a take over putting the local people out of work.
If they licence uber then all cabs in York should give there plates back and just go to work fuck em.
Don't talk take direct action.
Don't follow the London example your only make wankers in suits even richer.
There still be talking bollocks from now until doomsday or until you've all starved to death..
Make a stand now and take no bullshit.
Be strong and united.

Anonymous said...

Well somthing on a national scale needs to be organised... Did the filth give out any Section 12/14s
at the Femi Nazi demo last week end?

Anonymous said...

Surely then a demo involving everyone nationally is required if you really want them to take notice.

Anonymous said...

If we all stopped paying tax there'd notice that more.
Every cab or Phv should withhold there tax under protest.