Monday, January 02, 2017

Two More Kensington Hotels, Who Appear Not To Want Us For Airport Jobs, Just The Crap... By Jim Thomas

I've been off work for a while, so this may not be cutting edge news. I had a job to the Copthorne Tara Hotel last night and noticed that the Kensington Close Hotel, had a new look and been rebranded as another Holiday Inn Kensington.

I parked outside and went in to see if the new management was ok with drivers using the facilities. 

But when I got inside I noticed a large sign on the reception, advising their patrons that the management would be more than happy to provide the guests with the 'Hotels car service, for all their transportation needs, giving prices to Heathrow and Gatwick'. 

But notice the caveat....prices 'start from'... !
No too much of a surprise though, as most of the hotels in Kensington have the same sign. Staff lie to guests quoting black cabs as charging £80-90 to Heathrow, while their car service starts from £60.

Every time you take passengers to hotels in the area, don't forget to tell them that Black cabs are normally cheaper and we only have the one price, regardless of the number of passengers or amount of luggage. 

Also last night, traveling east along Holland Park Avenue, I spotted the concierge desperately waving at a car parked in the service road just at the end of the Hotel. The car flashed his lights and pulled out in the direction of the reseption. 

As I passed, I noticed it was a private hire vehicle. I u-turned and watched as it drove in to the hotel forecourt to pick up the guests. 

Private hire vehicles are not allowed to rank up and wait to become hired. The hotel try to keep this low key, but it's obvious what they are doing. Just another hotel for the bent list.

See video below:



Anonymous said...

Same story at the Strand Palace - they have an almost identical ad open on the concierge desk...

I'm Spartacus said...

Another example of malpractice and fleecing of visitors by hotels ignored by TfL. A letter from the Mayor to all these major hotel chains might help but don't hold your breath!

The whole practice of hooky hotels, dodgy linkmen doormen & drivers (PH and cab trade alike) must be dealt with once and for all.

The idea of a fixed price to and from LAP, LCA, LGW, STN and LTU with an ad campaign would help but of course the 'faces' won't like it, mind you what have any of them ever done for the cab trade apart from damage our reputation?

Cabs in Rome & NYC have had loads of extra work since their FP scheme came in, imagine no more roasting on the point of let's say the Cumberland and a cab or car pulls up and takes YOUR job.

P.S. why do the 'faces' all walk like John Wayne?

Anonymous said...

maybe they walk like John Wayne, because the BUNGS they have ready to give the Concierge, are sticking through their pockets, or because they think, they're all better than those of us, who play the game, straight