Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Who Holds The Power Of Legal Seniority, TFL Employees, Or Elected Politicians ? By GreenBadgeJohn.

TFL do not have the authority to sell our business to a competitor, but they do have the powers to destroy it for a competitors benefit and this has clearly been happening.

Uber has a massive cash burn structured philosophy which is being reported throughout the world of financial journalism and their losses to date amount to a staggering $3 billion,although it would have been far cheaper to buy the London taxi & other markets outright if that possibility existed, but it doesn't!

So, the alternative plan relates to all the underhanded back-roomed brown enveloped duplicitous double dealing fraudsters who are busy trying to destabilise The London taxi markets and others with the clearest assistance imaginable.."TFL".. who being the designated Licensing Authority has shamefully ridden roughshod over clear written private hire licensing regulations in apparent cahoots with cash bought lawyers and sadly influenced Judges by clever strategy and lobbying.

The Mayor and the London assembly are our legal political representatives and are paid between £63,000 plus ex's for members, £73,000 for Chairs of bodies, The Deputy Mayor gets £95,000 and Mayor Khan gets £144,000 and all minimum and currently under review,
but wait for it.... Tfl's Transport unelected employees such as Mike Brown (according to London Love Business)gets £373,000, and employee Leon Daniels gets £358,000, and the not so recently departed high priest who originally allowed ubers under the radar licensing Sir Peter Hendy was paid £652,000, so who holds the power of Legal seniority TFL employees or the elected politicians?

    Image Taken from the Londonist 

The recent Mayfair meeting of Daniels and Brown, plus clandestine meetings with  Uber's Jo Bertram came as no surprise, but the following reported suspension of the taxi driver for recording and posting the Mount Street  meeting online, demonstrates the complete malevolence of the structure which governs our industry and we must keep on challenging this cancerous cell of authority and protest at every level and opportunity. 

It is widely reported Uber heavily subsidise all fares whereas the passenger only pays 41% of the break-even journey amount, and their drivers struggle to survive in the clear attempt to bankrupt all competition (free new years eve £15 or less uber travel showed that ploy), but New York's Yellow taxi's dispatch are still completely dominant and so are we, so make no mistake how the game is being played out at ubers complete loss... who blinks first!

There is also reports of angry taxi drivers being driven to use freely available GPS Jamming devices and Whilst it is understandable and causes the UBER model to completely collapse as they are all lost without GPS, it is also causing havoc with emergency services and it therefore lies with the national Governments to address and underpin the laws surrounding all aspects of decent uncorrupted business models in society, as a £5000 fine for telecommunication violations will be no doubt counter-balanced under real honest scrutiny with swarms of illicitly Licensed GPS drivers unfairly monopolising all taxi trades from honestly qualified drivers, warned and make no mistake...the writing is clearly on the wall we will all take what ever hits necessary and fight fire with fire to overcome this corrupted corporate illegitimacy.

Be Lucky and keep up the winnable fight

Happy New Year


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Anonymous said...

Its a lot of FUN when you switch on a jammer not only does it knock out uber it also knocks out the punters standing outside the stations shaking their phones .Dont worry to much about emergency services they operate on a different digital spectrum.