Wednesday, January 25, 2017

What Statistics Did The CoL Corporation Use To Excluded Taxis From Th Bank Junction ? Jim Thomas


Below is the recorded statistics for 2016, at least 69 people killed.

Both TfL and the Met refuse to release timely collision data.

Please note that from these statistics we have ascertained that:

18people were killed by Lorry drivers.

9 people were killed by Bus drivers.

7 people were killed by Motocyclists

1 person was killed by a cyclist

And 1 person was killed by a Taxi. 

Remaining 33 were killed by cars. 

Could someone from the City Of London Corporation please tell my what statistics they've  used to determine, it would be safer to exclude Taxis from the bank Junction. 


2016 recorded fataleties:

04.01 Amanda Coppen, 44; killed by a bus driver in Greenwich

08.01 Unknown woman, 72; killed by a motorcycle rider on the Old Kent Road

08.01 Unknown man; killed by a bus driver in Kingston

12.01 Elsie Sprague, 87; killed by a car driver in Leytonstone

17.01 Parmjit Singh Karir, 55; killed by a car driver in East Ham

02.02 Unknown man, 50s; killed by hit-and-run lorry driver in Greenwich

03.02 Unknown man, 58; killed by a motorcycle rider in Harlington

05.02 Johanna Hedger, 85; killed by a lorry driver at Elephant and Castle

07.02 George Beresford, 21; killed by a car driver in Purley

08.02 Unknown man, 59; killed by a lorry driver in Enfield

12.02 Kim Briggs, 44; killed by a bicycle rider on Old Street

19.02 Christian Jansen, 35; killed by a car driver in West Drayton

22.02 Dean Langford, 24; killed by a car driver in Hanworth

04.03 Unknown man; killed by a bus driver on Stamford Hill

07.03 Konstantin Fadeev, 1; killed by a car driver in Kensington

11.03 Unknown woman; killed by a bus driver in Mitcham

11.03 Unknown man, 80; killed by a motorcycle rider in Lee

24.03 Unknown man; killed by a coach driver on Mile End Road

29.03 Osman Ebrahim, 21; killed by a hit-and-run driver on Old Street

30.03 Unknown man, 88; killed by a hit-and-run motorcycle rider in Shepherd Bush

07.04 Mohammad Abdul Muqtadir, 78; killed by a car driver in Redbridge

10.04 Unknown man, 27; killed by a lorry in Brixton

20.04 Unknown woman, 85; killed by a lorry driver in Sutton

20.04 John Still, 67; killed by a car driver in Mitcham

25.04 Unknown woman, 57; killed by a lorry driver in Park Royal

27.04 Herta Groves, 95; killed by a lorry driver on Wigmore Street

07.05 Marie Scott, 75; killed my a moped rider in Holloway

11.05 Christopher Holt, 58; killed by a car driver in Rainham

23.05 Magda Tadaj, 24 ; killed by a lorry driver in Croydon

23.05 Mervyn Sherman 82; killed by a TfL bus driver on Oxford Street

24.05 Marion Lambert, 73; killed by a bus driver on Oxford Street

25.05 Frank Cubis, 75; killed by a van driver in Ealing

31.05 Basant Lal Sharma, 91; killed by a car driver in Wanstead

31.05 Arran Draper, 18; killed by a lorry driver in Poplar

01.06 Unknown man, 50s; killed by a lorry driver in Victoria

02.06 Mircea-Stefan Ivanescu, 3; killed by a car driver in Stanmore

03.06 Unknown woman, 76; killed by a car driver in Queen’s Park

04.06 Paul Weidlich, 54; killed by a car driver in Deptford

04.06 Dan Stephenson, 45; killed by a bus driver at Aldwych

05.06 Shirley Clayton, 81; killed by a motorcycle rider in Croydon

02.07 Unknown man, 47; killed by a bus driver in Chiswick

29.07 Ying Tao Killed by a Lorry driver at Bank Junction 

03.08 Samuel Mtepuka, 86; killed by a lorry driver on Regent Street

11.08 Unknown woman, 67; killed by a car driver in Petts Wood

26.08 Unknown woman, 85, killed by a lorry driver in Southall

31.08 Makayah McDermott, 10; killed by a car driver in Penge

31.08 Rozanne Cooper, 34; killed by a car driver in Penge

13.09 Sheila Karsberg, 79; killed by a lorry driver in Camden

13.09 David Batcup, 64; killed by a car driver in Balham

23.09 Stephen Herrick Requawa, 71; killed by a lorry driver in Earl’s Court

30.09 Aaron Matharu, 11; killed by a car driver in Cranford

01.10 Unknown man, 27; killed by a car driver in Lewisham

20.10 Laura Murray-Woodford, 31; killed by a van driver on Ludgate Hill

24.10 Lucia Ciccioli, 32 ; killed by a lorry driver in Battersea

31.10 Filippo Corsini, 21; killed by a lorry driver in Knightsbridge

04.11 Beryl Chenery, 81; killed by a car driver in Bexleyheath

14.11 Shabanti, 30s; killed by a lorry driver in Woodford Green

16.11 Lord Taylor, 87; killed by a van driver at Millbank

17.11 Joanna Reyes, 37; killed by a car driver at Limehouse

19.11 Brent Franciskilled by a TfL bus driver at Mornington Crescent

25.11 Unknown, 95; killed by a taxi driver in Ilford

28.11 Tim King, 50; killed by a car driver in Sidcup 

29.11 Christine Linda Luscombe, 58; killed by a coach driver at St. Pancras

01.12 Steve Wightwick, 38; killed by a hit-and-run van driver in Buckhurst Hill

10.12 Nahid Islam, 15; killed by a motorcycle rider in Belsize Park

13.12 Unknown man, 63; killed by a car driver in Earl’s Court

16.12 Andrew Lindup, 36; killed by a hit-and-run driver in Enfield

16.12 Unknown man; killed by a lorry driver in Fulham

17.12 Ronald Cardenas, 32; killed by a car driver in Willesden 

22.12 Unknown, 80s; killed by a car driver in Sydenham



Anonymous said...

Well done. It makes grim but very clear reading. Clearly a conspiracy against Taxi drivers and nothing to do with safety. Keep fighting Cabbies.

John reynolds said...

Is there anything not bent in this country of ours