Wednesday, January 04, 2017

TfL And Local Councils Not Keeping Taxi Ranks Clear + Uber Slave Rebellion In Paris

This abandoned Golf has been sat on Stringfellows rank for a week, so therefore it's was also there on New Year's Eve. 

It could have gone bang at any time. 
The authorities know about it, because it has two parking tickets.

It is unroadworthy, with two bald front tyres. 
This, if nothing else highlights the lie of the government who tell us an attack is imminent. 
A frightened public is an easily controlled public. Divide and conquer.

Reported by Paul Coghlan on FaceBook.

         Posted on FaceBook today at 11:15am 

How many times do we have to ask TfL to make it clear to PH drivers not to stop, wait, pick up or park on our Taxi ranks. Most of these drivers think is perfectly OK to sit on a Taxi rank to wait for their passengers. 

TfL should be writing to all 120,000 PH drivers and telling them to stay's not as if they are making money from enforcing the parking on our ranks. Westminster do occasionally ticket private cars that have been left on ranks while the owners go to the theatre of a restaurant. But they allow PH drivers to drive off unpenalised most of the time.
Every PH driver should be given a printed sheet of do's and dont's with their Licence. At least we would know that 600 PH drivers were being told not to frequent our rank spaces. 

Ands it's getting worse as drivers who have been contravening rank parking restrictions are getting more and more aggressive when approached and asked to move off. 

Personally I ask drivers politely to move and if they get aggressive, I whip out the phone and start to video them. Normally they calm down. This happened Monday night at Hakkasan restaurant in Bruton Street. A Mercedes V250 minicab pulled onto the point of the rank as the front two taxis pulled off. 

I went up to the driver and asked him 'politely to move'!
He then went into a torrent of four letter words.
I went back to my cab and got my phone and he suddenly stopped the language....but it did calm the situation down. 
See video below.
However, even with another driver reinforcing the fact that he was parked on a Taxi rank, he still wouldn't move. 


Yet, how often are we told that TfL are taking action against Licensed Taxi drivers for over ranking at Station ranks, or of forming unauthorised ranks. 

We complain constantly about minicabs forming unauthorised ranks at night venues, yet TfL turn a blind ear and eye. More evidence that their is a TfL definite agenda against the London Licensed Taxi trade.


Uber drivers in Paris have rebelled against their slave masters. Riot police had to protec Uber's HQ as drivers threw eggs at the doors and windows. 



Anonymous said...

Tfl know this is going on and chose to allow it. Just another part ofntheir ploy to decimate taxi trade.
Their failure to regulate couldnt be more blatant.

There needs to be a clear message when protests take place so that all issues are addressed

colin said...

The bush rank must be the worst,i've had lot's of ruck's on that one.