Monday, January 16, 2017

Statement From The Independent Taxi Alliance In Regards To Mondays Protest At The Bank Junction

Thousands of black cabs are set to bring traffic to a standstill in a five day protest about plans to ban them from the Bank Junction.

Many drivers have asked about legal coverage, from their respective org or union,  should they attend Monday's protest. 

Having made extensive inquiries, all 5 Orgs/Unions have said members would be covered, should they choose to attend the demos .

Obviously drivers will be expected to comply with all directions from police. 
We don't usually encounter problems on peaceful Taxi trade protests or demos, but policemen who are also Taxi drivers recommend keeping cameras rolling, should you get into any altercation with CoL or Met officers.

Remember, don't use your phone while driving and also, if you have your light off, you must wear your seat belt. 

Drivers will gather at the Bank Junction, Monday January 16, 3pm to 4:30pm to demonstrate their opposition to City of London Corporation's proposal to limit access to buses and bikes. The protest will be repeated daily for the week ending on Friday.


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