Monday, January 02, 2017

Sadiq Khan Has Issued 19,000 PH Licenses Since Becoming Dave Davies.

I had a thought about the number of Private Hire Licenses being processed by TFL, apparently it's around 600 a week.


Based on  a 5 day working week that equates to 120 a day.


Based on an 8 hour day it equates to 15 applications every hour or one application every 4 minutes.


How many TFL staff are working on Private Hire applications?


How thoroughly are they being checked if there is an application being approved every 4 minutes?


This means that all the paperwork including a background check, medical and insurance details and the drivers license information and application itself are all checked in a matter of minutes?


It may be positive, if a FOI was made to request this information?

As a follow up to the previous information >Moritorium on PH licenses < I should also add that I was in touch with Sadiq Khans office more than a year ago, during the run up to the Mayoral elections.

I had conversations with Nick Bowes who was Sadiq Khans Mayoral election campaign Director of Policy and is now his Director of Policy as Mayor.

The information has been sent to the Mayor, his Director of Policy and Deputy Mayor Val Shawcross and all have ignored it !


I had raised the point about  the huge numbers of Private Hire Licenses being issued by TFL without proper checks , medicals or insurance and was assured that this is something that would be addressed if Sadiq Khan was elected as Mayor.


Bu, when Khan was elected as Mayor he decided to ignore the situation, knowing full well he had the legal ability to immediately suspend license applications pending a review and that concurrently with that he could initiate legislation to cap Private Hire numbers.

The mayor of London has chosen not to do this and then lied telling the media he has no power to suspend or cap the number of Licenses.




Editorial Comment :

How can it be right for taxi drivers, in some instances, having to wait upto six months to get their licence renewed, when new private hire divers licenses are being dished out at a rate of one every 4 working minutes at TfL?

We know that 75% of drivers signing up for the Uber App, only last a few months and for them to keep up the pressure on the licensed Taxi trade, they need a consistent supply of cannon fodder. 

Could it be that TfL are making a conscious effort to facilitate this company with a steady stream of new blood ?


Anonymous said...

Sadiq Khan. The man who was a Civil Rights lawyer who has completely disregarded the Civil Rights of 21k London Taxi Drivers or the Civil Rights of Londoners to breathe clean air

Anonymous said...

And TFL do this every working day. No guns, no petrol, no balaclavas. The bars of gold in the form of green roundels don't even need to be put in a guarded vault. Just some cupboard in an ordinary office. In years to come they will make a film about how they got away with it. Just like the Great Train Robbery, The Brinks Mat Heist or The Hatton Garden job. 150 large every single week. If it wasn't so detrimental to my trade I would admire these robbers. But it is, so I don't.
See you at the Bank.

Anonymous said...

To me, I just see the lot of them as traitors. The senior management at TFL, the Mayor, the ex Mayor, the culpable politicians, members of the media, they're all traitors, committing treason to honest working people. 15,000 steel worker jobs threatened last year, all over the news, 25,000 London cab drivers threatened with extinction, not a word anywhere. Sexual abuse to young footballers, again all over the news for weeks, ongoing rape and sexual abuse in London PHVs, nothing, totally suppressed by the media. Hopefully one day all these rats will get what's coming to them. Let the cleansing begin.

Paul said...

I have a friend who's friends son works at Palestra and he tells he's dad they are not being checked properly and when something shows up on the DBS report it's being overlooked or ignored.

Anonymous said...

Some people dont seem to understand the difference between suspending new applications and a cap. Tfl have the power to SUSPEND NEW APPLICATIONS pending a review. They did this previously with suburban taxi licenses for 4 years and have the statutory power to do the same with PH applications

There is also the power to initiate legislation so could potentially legislate a cap.

I noticed a rep from a trade org claiming on twitter that this is not tre
At the same time he likes to meet with a corrupt tfl and claims to be making progress

Anonymous said...

TFL could have suspended PH applications . They set a legal precedent by suspending yellow badge applications for 4 years.
Anyone who says otherwise is talking rubbish.

Thefat Girl said...

Who's the bigger 'Judas' the mayor or the trade organisation that is supposed to represent us?

Ray 51 said...

When I did the blue book, I put in my paper for my appearances to start and had a 10 month wait, they had closed the book. My friend put his paper in 6 weeks before me and started his appearances 3 weeks later.

Anonymous said...

how can a Public Body, be a Limited Company?

if tfl are a Limited Company, how were they able to take-over the Public Carriage Office?

how was any of this allowed to happen?

where were the LTDA, when this was going on?