Sunday, January 08, 2017

Pie And Mash Restauranteurs Drop UberEats Out Of Respect For Their Customers ... By Jim Thomas

Out of respect for the decision made by the management of Manzes, the oldest original Pie And Mash shop, Taxi Leaks has decided to pull the article published last night. 

We would like to congratulate the management for arriving at a more sensible decision to drop UberEats in respect for their regular customers. 

As they say "All's well, that ends well". 

Below is the statement released earlier this morning :


Anonymous said...

The intent was still there I still won't be using them. As I have already deleted talk sport from the radio

Anonymous said...

This pie and mash shop is a private business, as regular customers, we have lobbied for them not to go down the route that they were on. Whilst we are all still smarting from what we see a disloyalty, in my opinion (for what it's worth)is that we carry on using this great shop. We should see this as a show of support,we showed our anger and they have listened to us and backed down. If we continue to hold a grudge, what inventive does this give to other businesses in similar situations.


Anonymous said...

am a regular customer at manzes,didn,t know about what happened,but would have ate elsewhere if taxi leaks hadn,t kept me informed,well done.