Monday, January 23, 2017


Leon Daniels has in his capacity as Managing Director of surface transport, approved and introduced measures that have brought Londons capital to a standstill, increasing congestion, increasing pollution, costing business and citizens millions of pounds. 

He has mislead the GLA transport committee by stating on record that Private Hire drivers do not need full time hire and reward insurance policies, that they can purchase "On-Off" Hire and reward insurance (infering that it is not necessary for TfL as the regulator to ensure all Private Hire Vehicles are continually insured correctly) The MIB confirmed no such policy exists.

Leon Daniels stated publicly on record in the media that Uber were not using a taximeter to conduct business and then subsequently appointed a QC (Martin Chamberlain) to uphold his view by failing to make the case properly.

He was questioned by the GLA transport committee on record why TfL hadn't insisted that Uber have a manned telephone line as per the 1998 Private Hire act requires, to which he attempted to obfuscate the issue by telling the GLA committee that the wording of the act is vague and only means that an operator is required to have a land line telephone on the day the license is applied for.

Leon Daniels has now been found to have been in communication with Uber via email assisting Uber UK to word their PR and advertising or complaints responses so as to mislead the public and further blur the lines between Private Hire and Hackney Carriage and hence place public safety at risk.



Anonymous said...

Why is the petition only open to licensed cabbies? Londoners are also affected.

Anonymous said...

What a piece of work this fella is. Please go to jail.

Anonymous said...

Great move. Lets get Daniels sacked and give TFL an excuse to say that theyvd taken drastic action so that they can then carry on with their corrupt policies. Who ever came up with this has not thought about the outcome of what they are doing. Yet another distraction

Anonymous said...

I agree with the above. Tfl will just make leon daniels into a scapegoat and treat this the same way as Londoners response to Uber's call center by saying its just a bunch of discruntled cab drivers and nothing more.

An angry father of a daughter that has been raped in an uber cab due to not having a sufficent crb check is ammo to shoot tfl down with.

A patient in hospital in traction because the undercover news reporters evidence of a driver obtaining a fake medical got brushed under the carpet.

A prius bursting into flames from being over driven and tfl leaving londoners exposed to theses dangers are what to make aware to Londoners in getting a petition together to start a full public enquiry in to tfl before uber's license is renewed.

Anonymous said...

U should off included private hire drivers to sign this petition. We are also been not happy with TFL mismanagement.

Anonymous said...

This petition should be open to private hire drivers as well. Most private hire drivers are not happy with TFL miss management.