Friday, January 20, 2017

London Taxi Protests : End The Traffic Khanage With A Public Inquiry Into TFL... By Dave Davies

Thousands of London Taxi Drivers have been forced to protest on a daily basis by the continued improper and unlawful decisions of TFL and Sadiq Khan.

There have been many failed and improper policies of TFL resulting in congestion and thousands of deaths from air pollution in London.

The GLA Transport Committee issued a statement yesterday acknowledging the serious issues of congestion which in turn creates toxic air pollution.

The simple common sense information which has been sent on a regular basis to The Mayor and Deputy Mayor for Transport, Assembly Members, Politicians and Parliamentary Select Committees by the Campaign for Air Pollution Public Inquiry for many years has been completely ignored.

It is not rocket science or even science to understand why there is congestion ; it’s simple common sense.

TFL have issued Private Hire Licenses at the rate of 2500 a month for a long period of time without proper checks or regulation to the point that there are now 120k Private Hire drivers in London.

It is a widely acknowledged fact that in the Private Hire industry that once a license has been issued it is often shared with others who are not licensed , sometimes a group of drivers will share a license meaning that a vehicle is on the road 24/7. TFL are not carrying out any enforcement checks of  significance which means that the unlicensed driver situation can continue unchecked, a fact that is proven by recent accidents where this has been exposed.  This means that there could be double the number of drivers that are actually licensed , a staggering 240k vehicles on the road.

But it is not just the fact that there is a massive number of vehicles on the road which is causing congestion. It is the fact that TFL have issued licenses to drivers without checks or without enforcement which means that people who have a less than basic understanding of  the English Language and therefore cannot understand road signs and traffic signs and who do not even have adequate basic driving skills are able to be given a Private Hire License and drive a vehicle in London.

The result is a massive number of traffic incidents ranging from serious accidents causing deaths to incompetent drivers ignoring all traffic regulations by parking on red routes , yellow lines, pedestrian crossings, taxi ranks  or absolutely anywhere they feel like. 

They ignore No Entry Signs and One Way signs all of which can completely stop hundreds of vehicles. Traffic flow has been reduced by the tens of thousands of improperly licensed drivers who don’t care that they have broken the rules because they have nothing invested in actually obtaining that license. Easy come easy go.

Because there is no proper regulation or enforcement they either do not get reported or prosecuted for breaking the rules or if they are reported they are probably not even traceable; how do you prosecute someone who has used fake documents or details to get a license in the first place or if the person driving is not even licensed?

All of this confirms that TFL have failed in their Duty of Care to protect the Public and failed in the basic principles of Public Law.

The MOST IMPORTANT principal to understand is the amount of pollution caused by congestion.

The graph below shows that more than 90% of pollution is caused when vehicles are stop starting.

If you can halve the amount a vehicle is stop starting then air pollution of all vehicles can be reduced by 45% instantly.

This is far more effective than small incremental changes which take place over a long time suggested by other policies


Anonymous said...

Once more our staunch trade ally, Mr Dave Davies nails it. And yet the carnage, gridlock and death continues.

Are Transport For London for real ?

If they were a private company they would go skint in a month. But they're not and they don't . Why's that do you reckon ?


office John. said...

The houses of parliament have for many years been known to the taxi trade as the "Gas works" because all they produce is hot air, surely then the Palastra should be known as the "Jam factory" because every time they get involved in the road network they createOffice John another traffic jam.