Sunday, January 29, 2017

Letter to Editor: Are Gett Overstepping The Mark, Or Is It Fair Business Practice?

Hi Taxi Leaks - 
GETT are now contacting by, text etc, passengers arriving at Ben Gurion Airport, Tel Aviv - Israel's main airport, with the following:

Prebook your ride back home to save waiting time. In case of a flight change, your order will be automatically updated. Due to TLV airport regulations, you're not able to book an immediate ride on returning. Follow the instructions:

We shouldn't forget that if a passenger travels to an airport by Taxi they've hired through a radio circuit or online app, then it's a good bet they may want to repeat the experience on the return journey. 
But this situation definitely needs to be monitored very closely. 

Having said that, when are passengers going to wake up to the fact that apps such as Gett and Uber have the ability to track their movements. You give them the right to do this, by agreeing to their terms and conditions when you download and authorise the app. 

Clapham Junction Promotion:
Taxi drivers sitting on the Clapham Junction rank alleged Gett have been stealing their work, by offering free rides to passengers who download and sign up to their app, to advertise their new shared rides platform. A fleet of Gett drivers were being paid £30 an hour to do the jobs and keep returning to the rank.

Surely they can find another way of advertising, without taking the bread out the mouths of hard pressed working drivers!

Have Gett reached their Hailo moment?

When is this trade going to wake up?


Anonymous said...

Think you will find it's not just gett doing this Fixed price from T5 to London Bridge £50

Anonymous said...

so, if rides from Heathrow go the same way i.e. NO immediate hiring, only pre-booked, then, that means, we'll be at the mercy of Companies such as GETT

that is:
Customer pays X
Driver ONLY gets a percentage of X

the ramifications of Companies taking over from the STREET HAIL, could be dire for the Trade

Lee Wood said...

Just dropped to airport and had the app on. They offered T3 to Tunnel Avenue Greenwich for £70! Needless to say I didn't take it and they are being deleted it's ludicrous pricing!! If people take these jobs they devalue the trade and themselves. It seems some obviously just don't care!!!

Anonymous said...

Drivers will always do these jobs as it saves them doing 4+ hours in the feeder