Sunday, January 01, 2017

Khan and TfL To Dump The Boris Bus...Say Nothing About It's Failed Green Credentials, Just That It's Too Expensive

Too many buses, with deadly pollution causing gridlock day and night. Generous subsidies, make it more economical to run empty vehicles, than parking them up for the night.
  • Boris Johnson introduced new fleet of red double-decker Routemasters in 2012
  • He described the new buses as a 'stunning piece of automotive architecture'
  • Transport for London has spent £350million on 1,000 of the new Routemasters 
  • But TfL's business plan states: it will 'discontinue purchases' of the buses

Sadiq Khan has dumped the 'Boris bus' because it is too expensive to produce.

Boris Johnson introduced a new fleet of red double-decker Routemasters, in London four years ago, which have folding doors to allow people to get on and off easily.

He described it as a 'stunning piece of automotive architecture' and they were quickly dubbed the 'Boris bus'

They were supposed to use the latest green diesel-electric hybrid technology. In test conditions they produced just half the carbon dioxide of conventional diesel buses. But in practise, many of the batteries failed. These proved too expensive to relace and so much of the fleet ran on pure diesel adding dramatically to the pollution levels, especially in Oxford Street, making it the most polluted street in Europe.

Transport for London spent £350million on 1,000 of the new Routemasters at £350,000 each, while a normal hybrid was about £300,000. Wasting £50million of taxpayers money.

Johnson's Mayor of London successor, Sadiq Khan, said he would stall purchases of the the new fleet to save money and freeze transports fares. Khan has said nothing about the poor green credentials which go with this bus.

TfL's business plan states: 'new capital investment will be reduced significantly as we discontinue purchases of new Routemaster buses'. 

The buses were designed by Thomas Heatherwick, who gave it a 'modern Londoon look', before being built by Northern Irish firm Wrightbus.             

Asked to comment on the move, a spokesman for Khan said TfL would instead be investing in a new generation of buses that would help to improve air quality.     

Editorial Comment :

This whole Boris Bus project was always thwart with problems that came directly from bad design and planning on the part of TfL. 

The bus has no air con, with windows that didn't open. Passengers complained of unbearable conditions in summer heat. It came with a back door and rear staircase that proved unsafe and therefore unused most of the time. The proposed conductor's role soon disappeared, with all buses now refusing cash payments for fares 

In typical TfL style, it was one cock up after another.....and then the scandal broke that the majority of the buses were being run on just diesel, adding to the horrendous air quality, responsible for many thousands of preventable deaths in London.

Boris and TfL's Surface Transport Directors, should all stand trial for Corporate Manslaughter.

Now, in a bid to get more people to use buses and tubes, TfL are trying their hardest to kill off the Taxi trade. Everyday we hear of more road space we're excluded from 
Oxford Street
Baker Street
Totenham Court Road
Regents Park
And now, The Bank Junction.

In the same way TfL stole our work away during the Summer Olympics of 2012, by adding the price of an all day travel pass to stadium ticket prices, these exclusions are designed to push up the price of Taxi fares accross central London. 

It's alleged TfL are engineering these horrendous traffic conditions, in a bid to push more passengers onto the tube and CrossRail. 


paul bond said...

tfl are just proper crooks

Anonymous said...

Most of. This mob at TfL deserve to be on trial. The corruption has run deep for years.
They've all got their hands in the toll in one way or another.
Look at the connection between the bus and tube switch to CC payments, then the Taxi trade.
Isabel Dedring wanted it just to be the three bid suppliers but it was decided they probably wouldn't get away with it.

Then the CEO of world pay, gets a job on the board of TfL
Not one org complained about the fact one of Ubers investors was on the board of TfL when they were first licensed.

What is it they say
Follow the money!!!!

Thefat Girl said...

I have often wondered why TFL subsidises private share holding companies, if the tax payer is putting their hard earned cash into these companies why are they not put back into state hands. This system is lose for the tax payer and win for the shareholders, and so the Mayor can freeze the fairs, we have yet another gross waste of money. I'm a private company will the Mayor sub my new Cab I'm forced to buy in the new year?

Anonymous said...

H61 pounds lost in fake credit card rides!!! Can I claim for loss of earnings from tfl? Perhaps the cards should be registerd as they are with the apps and uber!